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Blackberry madness

Got distracted from writing today and went blackberry mad. I'm not talking about the wireless handheld device either. I'm talking about the plump, juicy variety prevalent in the fields where I walk Molly-dog.

It started in earnest last year. Ooh, I thought. Shame not to pick some to fling in a crumble. Ten thousand kilos and forty eight crumbles later it had turned into a full-blown obsession. My eyes started gleaming whenever I happened upon a particularly plumptious beast and I would willingly fight my way through a bed of nettles to reach it. It got so that I could sniff out a fresh crop if the wind was in the east, and I'd happily tromp miles out of my way clutching what became fondly known as my Blackberry Jar. Oh happy days.

I thought the novelty might have worn off, but no. Last week I became aware that there was something a-ripening in the hedgerows, and my mouth started watering. I could hardly wait to get out there this afternoon, although Molly got a bit fed-up. She doesn't like all the stopping and starting. It confuses her.

Trouble is, the children don't like home-made puddings of the crumble variety (I know. What are they like?) or any other variety for that matter, and even Lovely Husband's going to start feigning illness if I keep wheeling them out, but I'm buggered if I know what else to do with the blighters.

Any suggestions? Don't tell me to wean myself off picking them. I'm addicted.


Debs said…
Send some my way, I love blackberries in all forms, except the handheld device things, I wouldn't know where to start with one of those.
Annie Bright said…
What about making blackcurrent juice? Wouldn't have a clue how to make it - but if Mr & Mrs Ribenna can do it - it must be possible!
HelenMH said…
What about summer pudding, or sorbet, or blackberry jam to keep you going through the winter? Or you could frost them with icing sugar, or dip them in chocolate. The possibilities are endless x
Pat Posner said…
Blackberry Gin - it's gorgeous, I like it better than sloe or damson gin.
Make Wine! Wine! Wine! Then have a big party and we will all come over and get tipsy on your prize winning wine and scoff your crumbles :) Problem solved. Tommox
Lane said…
ooh lovely! Are your fingers all stained?
Blackberry jelly? Or that cake that is like a crumble. Maybe it's called blackberry crumble cake?:-)

Like TF's wine idea too!
JJ said…
If I thought I could get away with encouraging you to pack a crumble in tupperware, and send it Bangkokwards, I would...

However, jam, no? Jam, make some JAM woman. Don't stop picking them. I do believe you can freeze them too, but don't know how...
Anna said…
oh, I miss a good crumble!!

hmmm... freeze them and them pop into mouth as a blast of blackberry goodness?

happy picking!
Bernadette said…
Blackberry and apple jelly was a childhood favourite of mine. Or blackberry ice cream. Or you can add them to sauces for meat (like duck a l'orange only blackberry). Good with venison I believe, if you happen to spot any deer on your hedgerow wanderings .....
(Now don't all shout at once! I wouldn't really!)
Yvonne said…
Oh I love them too, have absolutely no suggestions but the others sound amazing. I reckon try them all! ;)
KAREN said…
What fab suggestions! I'm going to make a blackberry jelly,jam,crumble,gin,wine,sorbet, chocolate-venison sauce cake this weekend. And I'll wash it down with a nice cup of blackberry tea :o)
SpiralSkies said…
How about building yourself a distillery and fermenting/brewing the little darlings (blackberries not family members) into something like cassis? And then you will have to consume vast quantities of champagne with it, glug-a-lugged when you make each short story sale?
Wine! Well done on the short story sales. Jolly good!
Fiona said…
As long as you're not picking them next month because of you know who.

I am eating blackberries and bilberries which grow in abundance in the woods here. Too greedy to wait until I get home and fear I may soon be known as the mad woman with the blue lips.

Please let us know which issue your stories will be in.
KAREN said…
I'm gonna have to rein myshelf in now...hic...before thingsh get outta hand.

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