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Doris strikes again

Seems I'm still in touch with my inner pensioner - I've decided to call her Doris as she's so keen to be heard - as Yours magazine have been in touch to say they'd like to publish one of my stories in their November issue. Yay!

Or Top-Hole! as Doris might say. I imagine her as a feisty old broad with ideas above her station. Married 'up' and had tea with the Queen once, but doesn't talk about it out of respect for 'er Madge. She's rubbed shoulders with celebrities and once borrowed a book off Barbara Windsor that she never gave back. It was rumoured she had a fling with Tommy Steele back in the day - something she fiercely denies - but she does imply a familiarity with Bruce Forsyth bordering on the fanciful. Used to breed poodles, but stopped after one escaped, boarded a plane to Brazil and was never seen again, and she can often be seen in Waitrose buying sherry and shortbread for get-togethers with Avril and Bob next door.

Where was I?

Oh yes...the short story was one I wrote from a prompt on my sister blog A Story a Fortnight, and would never have been written otherwise - or sent off without the helpful comments from the other Story a Fortnighters, so it's all their fault really. And Doris's, of course.

It seems you can't keep a good pensioner down.

Nurse...I think it's time for my medication.


Calistro said…
Many congrats to you and Doris Karen! :o)

Am curious what book she might have borrowed off Babs Windsor. Something saucy maybe? ;o)
Anna said…
fantastic!!! well done... :)))
HelenMH said…
Good for Doris, and good for you my dear!
Lane said…
Well done Doris! Nurturing your inner 'oldie' is paying dividends.

Will you be my Auntie?:-)
L-Plate Author said…
Congrats, Karen, one up on me. SO far, I've never seen my name in print. x
Alis said…
Excellent news! Congratulations! Should we all rush out and buy Yours, or will you post the story here? OK, maybe I have issues about being seen buying Yours... maybe I should just get over it... Doris, here I come!
Kerry said…
Brilliant news Karen!! Congrats!
Pat Posner said…
Congratulations, Karen. Great news.
I love the sound of Doris. Did she come to you complete with personality?
Clarkey, Congratulations - the novel will be next :) Tommox
JJ said…
Oh fab Karen. Well done.
Bernadette said…
Well done Karen!
Please don't take the meds - you know they're only to keep you quiet so you're less of a nuisance to other people - and we like you being a nuisance!
Mickmouse said…
Well done Karen, sounds like you and Doris make a great team. Let us know which edition your story is in.
You have inspired me to revisit a story on my sister blog now, though not sure who i would send it to yet?
Well done for embracing the inner pensioner!
Annie Bright said…
That's brilliant news, Karen. Congrats to you. :-)
Debs said…
Brilliant news, clever you.

I'm loving your inner pensioner and I can't wait to read your short story. Yay, more mag shopping.
KAREN said…
honeysuckle - Thank you :o)

calistro - Definitely something saucy. She's keeps it hidden from her husband Bernard because he's connected to royalty.

anna - Thank you!

helenmh - Thanks chuck :o)

Lane - As long as I don't have to keep her topped up with sherry!
Aunties are very underrated, I think :o)

l-plate - Oh, but you will :o)

alis - Thank you! I wouldn't expect anyone under 60 to buy Yours frankly. Maybe borrow a copy from an ageing neighbour??

Thanks Kerry!

patp- She did! She's welcome to stay for a bit :o)

tommo - Novel? What novel?? Just kidding... :o)

Thank you JJ :o)

bernadette - I've already flushed them down the loo!

mickmouse - Thank you! She said it would be November, but not which issue.
womag writer's blog has some great links to magazine markets and their guidelines if you want to have a look :o)

Thanks Annie, Maddie and Debs! It's lovely to share this news with m'fellow writers :o)
kallioppe said…
Wonderful news! Congrats, Doris.! You too Karen. Well done to the both of you.
Lucy Diamond said…
lol at Doris! Jolly good show all round, girls!
KAREN said…
Thanks ladies :o)

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