Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Helicopter Game

I've copied this from Cally Taylor's website (yeah, thanks a lot!) Now I'm officially never going to Get On With It.


Highest score so far...548. Come on - it's harder than it looks.


FPDuck said...

My first attempt? 21... I just nosedived into the floor. I'm just hoping I haven't killed any micro-pixel people.

I've been trying to work out what kind of dog Molly is... is she a mongrel/cross-breed?

I used to have a mongrel that looked like her (not in colour though). Fantastic dog she was.

I'm shutting up before the urge to waffle becomes to great.

Thanks for the compliment,

FPDuck said...

I tend to reply on the commenter's blog (and it is a strange word).

I had a Labrador-Collie cross once, at the same time as the mongrel I mentioned. She had a beautiful black coat, except she would hurt nothing but flies, and when she got older, wheelie bins.

The mongrel had a habit of rolling off short cliff edges, falling about seven or eight feet, then running back up to do it again (she was senile). Scared the entire family silly.

Good luck with your NaNoveling (my first time as well),

CTaylor said...

You can almost guarantee you'll find timewasting tools on my blog. Welcome to the darkside!

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