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It's (not-even-nearly) the Season to be Jolly...

The Beachside Christmas: A hilarious feel good Christmas romance by [Clarke, Karen]

I know it's only September, but my new book THE BEACHSIDE CHRISTMAS is out today. It's the final in the Beachside series and writing three books in a year means I've been pretty immersed in this world.

10 things that stand out about writing this series are...

1. The Beachside Sweet Shop gave me the perfect opportunity to make some coconut ice. I used to help make it with my grandmother growing up, and it tasted exactly as I remembered

2. Also, in the course of research, I tried eating pear-drops to see whether I’d grown to enjoy them – I haven’t. I always preferred chocolate and still do.

3. Shipley, the setting for the series, is based on Swanage in Dorset, one of my favourite places to visit, but I changed the name so I could use some fictional license when it came to naming and placing pubs and shops. 

4. I don’t have green fingers so there was plenty of research involved in writing The Beachside Flower Stall. I loved learning the meanings and symbolism of various flowers and was inspired to be more active in the garden this summer!

5. Ruby, who runs the flower stall in the book, is based on a neighbour I remembered from my childhood, who grew the most beautiful roses and would let my sister and me gather fallen petals to make perfume.

6. Writing the series reminded me how much I took for granted growing up in a seaside town, and how rarely I even went on the beach. Though I now love living in the countryside, holidays and breaks tend to be by the sea.

7. I wrote a lot of The Beachside Christmas during a heatwave, so played a lot of Christmas songs to get in a festive mood. Right now, I don't ever want to listen to them again.

8. I watched a bit of ‘structured reality’ television to get a feel for the character of Ollie in the Christmas book, but it only confirmed that it’s not my cup of tea. I love a good drama, and I like some reality TV, but I don’t like them combined.

9. Although Shipley and its characters don’t exist outside my own head, I became so engrossed in their stories while writing that I kept accidentally calling people by their names.

10. I’ve learnt some fascinating facts from writing each book: in the 1800s physicians advised broken-hearted patients to eat chocolate to ‘calm their pining’; tulip bulbs were once more valuable than gold; the world record for the amount of Christmas lights on a house is 331,038. That’s some electricity bill!

Image result for christmas lights

(Sorry for mentioning the 'C' word when it's still three months away).


Wendy's Writing said…
Coconut ice - now that brings back memories. I used to make it with my mum. Good luck with your Christmas novel, Karen x
Karen said…
Thanks, Wendy :-) The coconut ice definitely brought back memories, but no one really liked it apart from me!
Sue Blackburn said…
Got it downloaded and can't wait Karen. So enjoyed the other two in the series. Really laugh out loud, yet poignant too, and loved all the characters.

I live at the seaside and can honestly say I never take it for granted. I absolutely love living here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Guess that's contentment eh!

Good look with the book not that you'll need it I'm sure :-) xxxx
Karen said…
Thank you, Sue, I hope you enjoy this one too :-)
I appreciate the seaside a lot more now that I don't live near it. I think it was partly because in the summer, Scarborough was so crowded with tourists, we'd avoid the beach at all costs! xx
Patsy said…
Sounds as though the research has been interesting.
Karen said…
I love research, Patsy, but it's easy to get carried away!

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