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Time and Tide

Is it me, or does this year seem to be hurtling towards Christmas?

I'm so sorry for unleashing the C word already, but I've been trying to get in the mood so I can write some festive magazine stories - not easy when the sun's blazing and you're trying to get a last minute tan before the clocks go back and we're plunged into darkness in the middle of the afternoon, unpacking our mittens and thermal undies for the long cold winter ahead.

Ahem.  Got a bit carried away there.

Anyway, I've tried humming carols and supping hot chocolate and Googling all manner of sentimental snow scenes, but instead I keep picturing cornflower blue skies, shimmering sea, hunky surfers with wind-tousled hair (that's another story altogether) and sand between my toes. 

This is possibly because my daughter is currently holidaying in Greece and keeps texting me daily updates of how scorching hot it is, and how she's going to be swimming all day, followed by a bit of swanning about in thin clothing in the balmy evenings.  It's all right for some.

Also, Lovely Husband has booked a long weekend in Rome for the two of us next weekend, which I'm simultaneously excited and terrified about.  Long-time readers of this blog will recall how scared I am of flying, and that I've only been abroad once - 24 years ago.  Every time I think about it I have to swallow a scream.

Nevertheless, I'm determined to embrace the experience and stop being such a wuss, and figure as long as I can read a good book on the plane, or even do a spot of writing, the time will, er, fly by and we'll be there in no time.  In one piece.  With my sanity intact.

Actually, I can't wait.  I crave the sun in the winter months, so hopefully I can stock up while I'm there.

And on that note ... 'ding, dong, merrily on high ...'

'we're all going on a summer holiday ...'

I'm confused.  But excited. 

And scared.

(No news from my agent, but we'll gloss over that ...)


Pat Posner said…
I often read books set in winter to get me in the mood. Old favourites like Winter in Thrush Green and Brambly Hedge Winter Story, Five go Adventuring Again.

Hope you have a fantastic time in Rome.

KarenG said…
"The C word" LOL. I'm not ready, not at all!
Well done for agreeing to fly, I still haven't done it (financial problems as well as some nervousness about travel!). After all this waiting and uncertainty a little thing like a flight should be a piece of cake. Still no news? Ridiculous, at this rate it will be 'insert C word' before we hear anything!
Going to Rome will be so worth the flight. As for that "C" word - bah humbug!
Librarian said…
On August the 24th, I thought "only 4 months until Christmas Eve...", and, sure enough, about a week later, the supermarkets started stocking Christmas cookies.
For now, I am content with the sunny days we are still having; so often here in Germany, September is much nicer than July, which this year once again was a rather wet affair.
Your husband will hold your hand on the plane, won't he? And you know, it does help if you tell the flight attendant that you are scared - they can explain all the strange noises and movements to you, which can take away a lot of the fear.
Sue Blackburn said…
Have a wonderful time Karen. Rome is absolutely fantastic :o) xx
Dumdad said…
Good luck with the writing and flying!
Teresa Ashby said…
I'm not a happy flyer, so you have my sympathy, but you will have a lovely time in Rome and the flight will fly by ;-) x
Amanda said…
Have a super break, Karen - and good luck with that Christmas story X
TF said…
CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! No!!!!!! Wash thy gob out with soap and water woman ;-)

Take a good book with you when flying to Rome. Try something by the hand and mind of Colin Bateman an author with a wicked SOH - a laugh a minute adventure. Enjoy thy trip :-)

I do love autumn/winter and all it brings, but I musn't be selfish about those who want some more sun! Do have a great trip to Rome - the sights and experience will make up for having to endure the flight.
We did little continental traveling when we lived in Yorkshire, and I do wish we'd made it to Italy; have a wonderful time!!

I'll have a milky cuppa waiting for you upon your return... :)))
Shammickite said…
Christmas napkins are already for sale in Ikea. I bought some.
Anna May said…
I sympathise on the fear of flying thing. Last time I HAD to fly (for work) my daughter drove me to the airport and I cried all the way. She consoled me with "At your age it doesn't really matter if you die in a plane crash, does it?"

Wishing you a great time in Rome and good luck with your stories.
Linda said…
I don't enjoy flying either - but I've made myself do it because I didn't want to miss out on the experience of visiting interesting places. The longest flight I've been on is to New York (present from son - I wouldn't have gone if he hadn't booked the tickets!) A good book is really helpful - also telling yourself that the crew do the flight several times a week and it's just a job to them.
Enjoy your visit - Rome is somewhere I'd love to see.
Talli Roland said…
Ooh, have a great time! I can't believe it's the middle of October already.

Looking forward to seeing you next month!
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