Waiting, Writing and Catching Mice

Hello August, where the devil did you come from?

It would be nice to have exciting news to report, but although my meeting with Lovely Agent Lady in July was exciting and productive, and my novel is now with a publisher, the wait goes on. I kept my fingers crossed for a while, but found it difficult to get anything done and had to uncross them again.

Instead I've been getting on with novel 3, writing stories, and feeling quietly pleased that the German version of My Future Husband has finally been published in, er, Germany.

I've even been interviewed by the lovely Mel Sherratt at High Heels and Book Deals, which made me feel important for a few minutes, then I had to get the dinner on and deal with pesky mice running riot.  I'm starting to worry our house is made of cheese we get so many furry visitors.

Anyone got a good recipe for mouse-pie?


Suzanne Furness said…
I agree the waiting for news can be the hardest part! Hope you hear something positive soon. Don't think my cat would let a mouse anywhere near my house!
Amanda said…
Hope you hear GOOD news VERY soon, Karen XX
Bernadette said…
I'm sure the Germans are loving your book as much as I did (which was a lot!)

As for mouse pie recipes, don't have one to hand, but you could try leaving the tails sticking out like the birds heads in a Star Gazy Pie. Less likely to get stuck in your teeth if you know where they are! :)
I hope you hear soon, my book is in a holding pattern too and it's difficult to concentrate! We use those live traps, sometimes we get two a day when we have an infestation, but once we get the last one we're OK for a while. They love my study the most. You'd think with four cats rodents would be impossible, yet here we are, evicting dozens of mice. It would help if my husband let them go further from the house...
Pat Posner said…
Hope you hear good news very, very soon, Karen.

The plug-in things really do keep mice away. If you get one - get the dearer model that keeps them away from the whole house and not just one room.
We've had ours three years now and not a sign of a mouse.

Looking forward to the day that your book is published in English. I'm sure its just a matter of time. Good luck with the second one too.
Librarian said…
Congratulations on having the German version published now! I am, as so often, wondering about the translation of the title... the German one doesn't have anything to do with your original one. Why do publishers do that, when the title could just as well be simply translated and still sound good?
Cally Taylor said…
Argh, the waiting! You SO deserve a deal that you can't not get one *sending super positive vibes your way*
Kath said…
Fingers crossed, Karen x
I translated the Amazon page, that was great to read! Wish I could order the book and have it appear in English that easily! Congrats and know that all will occur just at the perfect time. Maybe not when you'd like it to happen, but... :)))
Sue Blackburn said…
You so deserve success Karen it will come I am sure. And good luck with getting rid of the mice. The plug in thing Pat suggested sounds good. Trouble is if cats catch them they end up bringing them to you as 'presents' - at least mine did! I wasn't ever so grateful :o) xx
jeanmarg said…
We used to get mice but I haven't seen one in the house for many years. We used to evict them via a humane mouse trap but if they weren't released far enough away I expect we kept getting the same ones back in the house!

Good luck with your novel at the publishers. Waiting for news is hard. Congratulations on getting the German version published.
Suzanne Jones said…
Sending big hugs for the waiting.

And huge CONGRATULATIONS for the publication of your book. Really wish I could read German.

Karen said…
Thanks everyone :o)

Still no news, but at least the mice have gone!
We use those live traps sometimes we get two a day when we have an infestation, but once we get the last one we're ok for a while.
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