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The invisible story

I was thrilled to receive my copy of the Swedish magazine containing one of my stories this week.

I flipped through it a couple of times, admiring a recipe for what looked like cream buns on the way, but ... nothing. I expected to recognise my name, at least.

After a bout of prolonged confusion I emailed the editor and it turned out they'd sent me the wrong magazine. Allers, instead of Allas. They're going to send me the right one, which is nice, and I'm looking forward to translating their translation on Google and reading what they've made of it!

Also, the Lovely Agent has been in touch and thankfully 'loved' the rest of my book.

Bearing in mind she'd only read 3 chapters when I signed the contract, this came as a massive relief to say the least. There's editing to be done. It's 80% there, but needs work, so there's still a small mountain to climb.

I'm ready though - with walking boots and rucksack and a thermos of tea, and enough cake to keep me going 'til I make it to the top and ... oh, enough of the mountaineering analogy. You know what I mean.

I may be some time.


Bernadette said…
Delighted to hear about your agent's comments, Karen. I'm sure you'll be up that mountain in no time - don't forget the Kendal mint cake!
"She slides down the mountain and falls head over heels into the arms of a dark seductive Prince holding a family size box of Milk Tray" Sheer heaven!

Blinkin' 'eck, unlike you m'dear I've lost the ruddy plot ;-) Tommox
LauraCassidy said…
yay that's great. Best of luck! :)
JJ Beattie said…
Cooo, she signed you on three chapters? You must be brilliant. Well done.

Mountains keep appearing in my vocab when I think of restructuring my story too!
Joss AlbĂ©rt said…
I shall be showing my Swedish girlfriend this :)

Keep us posted with how its all going! :)
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
That's just so awesome. We are all proud of you!!!
SpiralSkies said…
I never doubted for a moment that she'd love it :0)

Happy Mountaineering. Don't forget the hip flask X
L-Plate Author said…
Wahay! (still not sure of the 'proper' spelling). Am so glad she liked it, though like others I didn't doubt it. Good luck with the edits, 80% is a great starting point. xxx
Queenie said…
I didn't doubt it either - and, more to the point, I'm sure SHE didn't doubt it, otherwise she'd never have signed you on three chapters. You'll get there, and soon I'll be holding a real book full of your lovely words. Hurrah!
Fia said…
So pleased for you. You deserve this because you're such a super writer. Not surprised lovely agent didn't want to let you slip away.

My mother's fancy man is off to London at the weekend so I'll get him to pick up the mag from one of the international newsagents. Can't wait.

Get your boots on and remember your mint cake.
Lorna F said…
Your Lovely Agent is showing a lot of tasted and discrimination, it seems to me. Good luck as you keep on toiling up the slopes to the dizzying peaks of literary fame! (That metaphor has just strained a ligament somewhere - need to lie down) :)
Denise said…
Yay, the email arrived! Glad you can let out that breath now, you'll be needing it up the mountain (sorry, but you started that one!)

Am in awe of your 3 chapter signing, that's some start to the book. Can't wait to read it!
Anna said…
That must have been a bit nerve wracking, flipping through pages, wondering where in the world you were... :)))

Happy editing! Looking forward to hearing the next pieces of the puzzle come together!!
Debs said…
I can't wait to read your book, I'm sure it's wonderful.
Suzanne Jones said…
Brilliant news re. your agent (though completely expected). I'm with Debs - can't wait to read your book.

And hope they send the right magazine through soon, you must be so looking forward to seeing it.

Alis said…
Fantastic news re agent - hope you enjoy the reworking!
Pat Posner said…
Great news, Karen.
Have fun climbing the mountain.
Amanda said…
So exciting! xx And good to know they send a complementary copy of Allas - eventually!
Martin H. said…
Congratulations. Enjoy the views and the rarified air!
Jan Jones said…
Relief on the book - and relief that you can't not-recognise your own name in Swedish.
Glad you're agent's happy. Phew! And it's not a small mountain - just a big hill. One step at a time.
HelenMHunt said…
Fantastic news (and cream buns) all the way!
LilyS said…
Great news about the Agent's verdict. So excited for you :)
Susie Vereker said…
That's amazing that agent signed contract before reading the whole book. She must think v. highly of your writing. VG news.
womagwriter said…
Glad she liked the rest of the book! But how could she not. Good luck with the rest of the editing.
Lane said…
I know I'm late to this but yay! Such great news. I hope by now you've almost reached that summit.

This is really, very exciting!
Sarah*G* said…
Glad to hear your agent liked your book. I am sure the rest of the process will be amazing for you.
Karen said…
Thanks for all your support lovely readers :o)

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