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Still Snowing!

We thought it had gone for good, and then it came back - deeper and whiter than ever. We're snowed in yet again and STILL haven't learnt our lesson and stocked up on essentials.

My daughter and I put on our furriest underwear this afternoon, saddled up Molly and battled our way to the village shop, which is a good two miles away.

Despite advertising itself as The Heart of the Community, it was shut. Shut! You'd have thought they'd have been rubbing their hands at the thought of some local trade for once. The last time I was forced to shop there (when the car was off the road for a couple of days) the bread they gave me came from an enormous chest freezer out the back - I swear there was a dead body inside - the tins of dog food looked pre-war and I was told to "just take" the bag of self-raising flour as it was so far past its sell-by date they'd "only have to chuck it away."

Anyway, unable to accept we'd walked all that way for nothing we lurked outside for a few moments after detecting a light on inside and a small dog wandering around near the counter, and brazenly knocked on the door.

The owner - a grumpy woman who peers over her glasses as if she'd rather not see people clearly - appeared and reluctantly allowed me to scuttle in and make a few purchases - namely a paper, some pre-war dog-food and a loaf of bread from the freezer. It was probably there the last time.

So now we're huddled round the radiators, eating soup and praying the power doesn't go down as it has in some places.

It's a chilly start to the year, but at least I've no excuse for not getting on with Novel two - I can't even get into work.

On the other hand if the power does go off at least it'll stop me checking my emails every three and a half minutes for news from Lovely Agent - the suspense is killing me.


Jan Jones said…
Good luck with news.

Even better luck with getting unsnowed in!
HelenMHunt said…
The snow isn't too bad here, but I'm still using the excuse of being 'a bit poorly' to avoid going out at all! And getting lots of lovely writing done.
Lane said…
Molly Dog looks like she enjoyed the outing anyway:-)

Fingers tightly crossed for some exciting news very soon!
"Let it snow, Let it Snow, Let it snow" Snow = no work. Yipee! Get cracking with your writing now woman. The email will arrive from the said Agent when it's good and ready. Trust me! Tommox

Oh, word thingy is COMEON!!!
Ann said…
A snow day is like an unplanned vacation, don't you think!
The lazy snowy days of winter!
Stay warm and toast that bread.
hope your good news arrives sooner rather than later!
Our nearest shop is five miles away but we also had to venture out today to get essentials. I didn't get to work today either and luckily for me tomorrow is a day off so I don't even have to try.
Patience Karen - the email will come.
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
First, I love your new profile picture!

I can't imagine being snowed in like that. We here in Texas are in a panic because it's supposed to be nearing the 20's sometime tomorrow. Everyone races to the store to buy firewood and pantry items. We're a mess!
SpiralSkies said…
If it's any consolation, I have - for the very first time ever - stocked up on basics which now fill a huge chest freezer. In the shed. The shed which I can't open because there is too much snow. *Sigh*

Checking your emails every 3.5 mins? Sounds as if you're being very restrained. I'd be checking every 3.5 seconds in your shoes! Hope the news comes soon and is as sparkly as the snow.
Bernadette said…
I did a big shop on Tuesday and could now last about a month without going out. Not panic buying - I always shop like that!

Agent is probably snowed in too and desperate to get back to work where she accidentally left your manuscript. Fingers crossed you'll get good news soon. And that the power stays on!
What a shop!! Hope you have got more provisions in now... or snow has lessened a bit... keep writing, go on! xx
Dumdad said…
I suspect that you'll be working that village shop into your next novel, eh?
Denise said…
That shops stays in business how exactly??? I live a good 20 steps from a shop on a busy road, so not so bad here. Fine so long as you don't mind "Happy Shopper" versions of everything!

I agree that 3.5 minute checking of email is quite restrained. If it's all getting too much you could always go out and make a Molly snowdog!
Annieye said…
Hope the good news comes soon, Karen. I live quite near Helen, so the snow is not bad enough not to get into work, unfortunately.

Love the pictures and Molly looks as if she is really enjoying her walkies in the snow.
Martin H. said…
Oh dear Karen, we're snowed in too. Like you, we have a two mile trip across country to the shop. Luckily though, our shop is just like Arkwright's store in Open All Hours. It has just about everything.

Hope you thaw out soon, and good luck with the writing.
Anna said…
In our village there were two shops, the proprietress of one this tiny, ancient lady who looked barely able to lift a loaf of bread! In our years there we NEVER had that much snow, my goodness!!

Thinking such good agent emails for you!! Eldest daughter is waiting for one last grade, and flitted between PC's, laptops and her iTouch all day yesterday checking. And checking. And checking. (When she wasn't sitting next to me giving tutorials!)

As for DTG, oh please PLEASE read it with more than a few grains of salt. Maybe a truckload of grit? Ta love for your willingness to delve into a most first novel (written with a huge heart left behind in Yorkshire!). :)))
Amanda said…
Ooh, hope more news comes REAL soon, Karen. Enjoy your bread!
womagwriter said…
Only every three and a half minutes? You are very restrained. Maybe lovely agent is snowed in, too...?
Suzanne Jones said…
Hope you hear soon.

We've had constant snow and sub zero temperatures since December 17th - am seriously fed up of it now.

Serendipity said…
I'm fortunate to have parents who love to venture out in all weathers and drop off milk and bread regularly - I think they love that post-war ration panic feeling!! And, at last I have an excuse to use up all bits and bobs in the freezer, the strangest dinners ever! Hope you hear news soon :-) x
Kerry said…
Whooo...fingers corssed for the good news soon! I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you! xx
Susie Vereker said…
Great shop. You must put it in a book. Apparently local Tesco's was like a warzone today, everyone queuing to get into the carpark and fighting over the bread supplies.
Gd luck with news!
Lorna F said…
I think Molly's expression says 'My paws are freezing, can we go home now pliz?'

Loved your description of the shop!

Very good luck with the waiting game. Hopefully the agent will feel the psychic resonance of your checking and will be compelled to dive into your novel. Here's to great success this year. xx
Debs said…
I think the lady who runs that shop is in the wrong business.

Best of luck with your news. x
Teresa Ashby said…
Loved your description of the shop and the shopkeeper.

But at least it's great weather for getting on with it!

Hope you can get some supplies and that email from Lovely Agent soon.
Anonymous said…
I think it's wonderful that you have an agent, something I'm hoping for this year when (when not if) I finish my novel. And your snow looks like ours! As deep as definitely. I know what you mean about the local store, ours in quickly running out of supplies but it's a co-op so I doubt they'll shut.

CJ xx
Olivia Ryan said…
Blimey, Karen, your village shop sounds like a liability! I have to say, even in ours (a small Co-op, usually very good and quite busy), they have had NO bread on the shelves whenever I've been in there this past week! Why are people stock-piling bread? I don't get it. There are other things to eat, aren't there, if you run out?? We won't starve, will we? x
LilyS said…
I love that picture. I sick of this weather now. It took me ages just to walk over the road and we couldnt even make it to our friends birthday party last night. Still like you say it stops you checking emails every 5 seconds. I hope you hear soon tho.
Anonymous said…
Hi Karen,
Thanks for your comment on my Strictly Writing blog. (I'm Laura Nelson in disguise.) My blog is here:
I'm impressed you have two blogs - and love the novel in progress bar! A real incentive.
Good luck X
Jean said…
Loved the shop story and the picture.

Hope you get some good news from your agent soon. I've got a feeling there'll soon be another cause for pants on your head and saints marching in!
Novel Two! Bet it feels great to say that! Get on with it then?! x
Casdok said…
Has begun to melt here a bit today cross fingers it carries on.
Hope you have some positive news from your agent.
Queenie said…
Hey, your word count is looking good, well done oh diligent one! You're doing your job and I'm sure your agent is doing hers - we know she's a good 'un - and will be back to you as soon as she has some news. Hang in there!
Karen said…
Thanks for your comments everyone :o)

The snow has gone thankfully, and I've since learnt that the village shop is actually up for sale, and has been for some time. Maybe that's why they don't care!

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