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Pågående Europeiska !!

I HOPE that blog title means "Going European" in Swedish, and not something that would make my mother choke on a scone.

Yes I've sold a short story to a Swedish magazine, which means it'll be translated and everything. Bizarre, but lovely. Can't wait to see a copy. Won't be able to read it, obviously, but still.

Also the novel editing's going well and it's surprising how much closer I feel to the story, spending each day with it. Like honeymooners we are, me and the novel. Hopefully we won't get sick of each other in another few days and call the whole thing off.

Ahem. Think I need a cup of tea.

**Also got a story in this week's Take a Break. Which is nice!**


What a mighty fine dish of meatballs! Yummy! Yummy! :O

BRA GJORT! Ms Clarkey, An international jetsetter no less ? ;-)

Fia said…
What fine balls you have there.

Wonderful news about the story, the Swedes will love it so much they'll have to thrash themselves with birch sticks and then roll around in snow or the other way round.
Jan Jones said…
Ooer, missus!

Well done - but how did you know to submit it to them???
L-Plate Author said…
Aw love is bliss!

Congrats on going Swedish, I still haven't dared send any of mine out and you're being printed in another country! x
JJ Beattie said…
Coo that's most impressive. Well done.

When we came back to the UK in the summer, the kids and I were desperate to eat IKEA meatballs... well the veggie one wasn't ... So I drove all the way to Wembley just to have meatballs. Is that wrong? Should I keep quiet about things like that?
WELL DONE! Wish I could leave comment in Swedish... but so absolutely can't! Struggle with English as it is...x
Amanda said…
Congratulations, Karen :-))) x
Anonymous said…
Well done. You're now officially an international author.
Lily Sheehan said…
Congratulations!!! Good luck with the edit :) I still don't have your chapter one out of my head!!
Dumdad said…

(I think that means congratulations in Swedish if the free translation wotsit works properly; if it's anything untoward apologies).
Debs said…
Clever girl. Clarkey takes over the world.

Happy editing.
Helen P said…
How fab is that! Do you have to spend all the Krona in Ikea I wonder?
Colette said…
Congratulations! Which mag is it? Seeing your story written in a different language is going to be so weird.
Good luck with the editing.
Lane said…
I got all excited when I saw those meatballs. And even more excited when I actually read your words. Woo - congratulations! Great news.

And good luck with the editing. Sounds like you've got a good thing going on:-)
Blooming heck Karen, I haven't been in blogland for a few weeks and read today that you've sold TWENTY stories this year? I knew you'd had some success but that's huge. TITAN! Well done you. And Sweden eh? Did your story netion missing scres in flat pack furniture?! Fx

PS Good luck with the novel.
Edward said…
Translated author, eh? Heartiest congrats!
Jean said…
Congrats! It will be great for you to see your story in Swedish.
Anna said…
Choke on a scone...

Sounds like soap on a rope; I love it!

Congrats! If I knew another language I'd offer that too. :)))
Suzanne Jones said…
Gosh, you're international. Congratulations.

Loved you story in Take a Break.

Susie Vereker said…
Congrats on mag sales, Karen. Btw, I seem to have accidentally commented on an old post, never mind.
Queenie said…
Ooh you ARE doing well! Congratulations!
countrymummy said…
Hi - thanks for coming over to projectforty...i can't take credit for sponges, they belong to my looking forward to sampling them tomorrow....where did you go in the Cotswolds? Am in North Wiltshire - not too far away.
Casdok said…
Many congratulations!
Alis said…
Translation - that's a whole 'nother level of success. Many congratulations, Karen! Glad to hear the novel's going well - if you like it, I'm sure the rest of us will!
Olivia Ryan said…
Just read your post about the Swedish magazine, Karen - I'm still behind, catching up with blogs (sigh) - and wanted to send you my congrats. It's a lovely, strange, weird, exciting feeling to see something you've written, when it's in a foreign language you can't even speak! xx Enjoy!
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
And you DESERVE a cup of tea! That's just fabulous!!!
Karen said…
tommo - I'm actually cooking meatballs for tea tonight :o) I hope you're not swearing at me there ...

fia - Why thank you ma'am :o) Thrashing (lightly) with birch sticks sounds like an acceptable way to celebrate to me - if only I knew what they looked like.

nic - Thank you :o)

jan jones - If I told you that I'd have to shoot you :o))

l-plate author - Get sending woman - I'm sure you can do it!

jj beattie - I've never driven anywhere specially to eat meatballs, but I had a friend who used to go to Ikea for that very reason. Though she was sidetracked into buying a rug once too :o)

ladybird world mother - Me too! I don't think I'll be learning the lingo anytime soon. Apparently the English translations of titles they give stories can be quite amusing :o)

amanda - Thank you kindly :o))

honeysuckle - Ta muchly :o)

captain black - It does sound good when you put it like that :o)

lily - Thank you! Though I hardly dare admit it, the chapter you read is no longer the novel I've been writing :oO Hopefully you'll like the current one just as much :o))

dumdad - How DARE you? (delivers cyber slap)

Just kidding ...

debs - Lol! Going national is enough really, I'm still thrilled to bits :o)

helen p - That's a thought. Should keep me in meatballs for a couple of months :o)

colette - Thank you! It's a magazine called Allas, and hopefully I'll get a complimentary copy to show off :o)

Lane - Thank you, though the meatballs possibly are more exciting than my words!

The editing's done and dusted ... almost :o)

fionnuala - Thank you! It's a bit weird, I'll grant you :o) You've given me an idea for my next story now ...

edward - Thank you kind sir :o)

jean - It would be better if I could read it, but maybe something would be lost in translation!

anna - Congratulations in English is good enough for me :o))

suzanne - Thanks for that! The photo with it made me laugh though - not quite what I had in mind, but I'm not complaining :o))

susie - Thank you! I'll have to go and look for that comment now. I hope it wasn't rude :o)

queenie - Thanks so much - with a little help of course :o)

countrymummy - Ooh, yes those sponges looked lovely, what a clever son :o)

We were at South Cerney by the way - really nice area and Wiltshire's lovely too.

casdok - Thank you :o)

alis - That's really nice, thank you, but my taste might not be everyone else's!

olivia ryan - Thank you for popping by! Yes I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like, even if I can't read it. Unless I learn Swedish in the meantime ...

boomer - I don't need much excuse to have a cup of tea, but thank you :o)
Do you know the name of the magazine and when it will be published? Would be fun to read! I am a swedish writers coach and I also have workshops in writing this kind och short stories for swedish magazines.
Lycka till" (=good luck!)
Meat balls = lovely.

"Pågående Europeiska !!" = ongoing European OR current European

going European = becoming European = to become European = att bli europeiska (but only if you are many)

Has some other Swede pointed this out already?
Nope, me wuz furst!

Anyway, the example has a general application: getting hold of available translations, chosing one randomly, keeping grammatical forms as close as possible to original is NOT translating, and that is why Google translate and similar services suck at doing that.

Nice trigh thoo!

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