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Fish and chip days

We only went and picked the best blummin' week of the year for our break in the Cotswolds. How the heck did that happen?

There was proper, bright yellow sunshine and a vast, cloudless blue sky - EVERY DAY. I've got a sunburnt chest, and I'm proud of it.

"Look," I keep boasting to anyone who'll listen. "Look how tanned I'll be when the lobster-redness wears off." I can't remember the last time I was burnt to a crisp by a British sun - or any other sun for that matter.

I now know that the two essentials for happiness are a lodge by a lake and the sun. Oh and time with the family; although a couple more days and the novelty of that might have worn off.

I've eaten too many portions of fish and chips, played silly games in the evenings, watched water-skiers showing off on the lake, stopped Molly from chasing ducks, written half a story, edited some more of the novel and not done any cooking at all.

And now we're home.

The weather's glum, but I've still got a bit of a glow.

Mostly in the chest area.


HelenMHunt said…
Not cooking and just eating fish and chips seems like the perfect plan to me. Glad you had a good time.
Nic said…
Sounds like a GREAT time!
Lily Sheehan said…
Glad you enjoyed yourself!! Love the pic. Looks like the perfect getaway. mmmm fish and chips
Lorna F said…
Glad you had a great holiday, Karen (mine is now feeling as if it happened about 150 years ago). All that and a rosy bosom too! You're shameless, woman.
JJ Beattie said…
Gorgeous photo and lovely to hear you enjoyed your holiday.
Amanda said…
So glad you had a great time, Karen :-)
SpiralSkies said…
That does look rather lovely... wouldn't it be good to gather up a few of us for a writing holiday there?

No photos of your chest then? Oh. Not that sort of a blog. I see.
Queenie said…
Sounds fabulous. Every time my Paramour and I take a holiday in the UK it rains like a monsoon. Really glad you had such a good time.
Jumbly Girl said…
Sounds heavenly, glad you had such a good time. But make sure you get some after-sun on that chest!

Emits a short squeal of excitement at Spiral's idea of a writing get together in a lodge with fish and chips and passing water skiers - how fab would that be!
Edward said…
South Cerney? Anyway, glad you had a great time.
Dumdad said…
Fish and chips - ah, I'm homesick again!
Anna said…
Well done!!! Sounds like a perfect time to me... :)))

(Especially the no cooking bit!)
Debs said…
Sounds like the perfect break to me. Glad you had such fun, and have a tan to bring home.
Hmmm, I trust you had some greens (mushy peas!) with those endless portions of Fish 'n' Chips? Great image btw :) Tommox
Oh my god, that was the holiday I wanted!! Glad you had a good one. sounds perfect bliss to me.
Suzanne Jones said…
I approve of not cooking. :-)

Glad you had a good time.

womagwriter said…
Sounds brilliant, and congratulations on finding the one spot of good weather in the whole summer!
Tam said…
Am most jealous :-)
Fia said…
I'd eat bread and dripping for a week if someone else made it.

The lodge looks glorious and I'm sure your chest tan does too.

Btw, I would describe your writing as Quality commercial fiction:)
Karen said…
a writing get together in a lodge with fish and chips and passing water skiers - how fab would that be? The answer is VERY!!

Sadly the glow has now faded, but the waistband's still feeling the effects of the fish and chips. Still, I bought some pea shoots today. That's got to be good start to a more healthful diet.

Hasn't it?
Karen said…
Fia - Thank you for that, it has a really nice ring to it :o))
Karen said…
Oh and yes, it was South Cerney!!

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