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Three things...

First thing...

This is me, playing with my new toy. Now, last year I know I rhapsodised long and hard about Laptop and our 'getting to know each other' sessions in the bedroom - which just goes to show how fickle I am. In a shot, I've traded him in for a Netbook. Laptop was just too big and unwieldy for me to cart about - I like a gadget I can pop in my handbag (don't even go there...) Plus the battery kept running out every five minutes. Hark at me, slating the poor chap behind his back. Sadly, like a boyfriend whose habits endear you in the beginning, he soon started to annoy me.

I got a decent price for him and he's gone to a good, manly home. (He's blue, which is why I refer to him as He. Either that, or I've gone bonkers.) ANY-way. My new love is Acer, the shiny, white Netbook. Small but perfectly formed she fits in my bag, looks gorgeous and is sturdy enough to bash someone round the head with, should the need arise. Which it probably won't.

And yes, that is proper grown-up novelesque writing on her teeny-tiny girly screen.

Second thing...

I finally found a festive mood as our new Christmas tree arrived. I put it up with This Morning burbling in the background (it's traditional for me, okay??) and slung some new eco-friendly, red berry LED lights, which I bought a while back, round its many branches, before attaching all the baubles and trinkets garnered over the years - thankfully not chucked out for the bin-men - but the problem is I don't like the new lights, after all that. They don't look properly festive to me, and I'm worried that the red glow emanating from the window will send out entirely the wrong message....

And the third thing...

I've received another super-duper award, this time from those lovely ladies Lily and Leigh and JJ - I feel very spoiled at the moment but as a condition of acceptance I have to reveal five addictions. (Only 5??)

They are, in no particular order, cake, America's Next Top Model, writing, chocolate and my lovely slippers. (No, I'm not ninety I just can't bear having cold feet).

Did I mention cake??


Paul Capewell said…
Very jealous! Netbooks are awesome. I'm sorely tempted to invest in one for next year at uni. My MacBook is pretty portable and I take it into uni if I'm gonna be in the library for a few hours typing, but it'd be good to have something so portable that I can take it every day.

Now for step two: does it improve your productivity? ;)
Honeysuckle said…
Trouble is, as you get older and your eyesight starts to go, you end up needing a monitor the size of a projector screen. So, a Netbook wouldn't be useful to me at all, but I'm dead jealous - it's so cute...
Dumdad said…
I don't even know what a Netbook is.

Anyway, good things obviously come in threes for you.

Congrats on the award.
Suzanne said…
Congratulations on your new Netbook (looks like the tiny offspring of my ginormous laptop), your new tree (have yet to dig mine out of the loft - my daughter's getting decidedly stroppy about the delay) and your new award (well deserved).
Debs said…
Great photo of you. I'm so jealous, I've been umming and ahhing for months about whether to buy one of those, but wasn't too sure if it would be too small to type on, or look at. I still want one though and am sure I'm going to give in (credit card at the ready, again!).

Your tree looks lovely, as do the lights. I'd keep them.

Congratulations on the award, it's lovely.
HelenMH said…
I love your tree. I've decided against decorations this year - it would just be something extra for the cats to trash ...
Bernadette said…
I have all those addiction too!
Fiona said…
Want one!

Lovely photo of you btw. Which makes it even more imperitive (sp?), that you step away from the window with those tree lights. I have unfond memories of walking through the red light district of Amsterdam with a friend. We stopped to gawp at one of the ladies of the night and she ran out and chased up.
KAREN said…
paul - It's the fact that it's so portable that makes it appealing for me - although I need to get a little bag for it :o) And I am being more productive because I'm excited about using it! Sad, I know.

honeysuckle - Ah yes, I hadn't thought of that! Hopefully my eyesight won't get any worse than it already is in the near future :o)

dumdad - I s'pose it's a mini-laptop really - you can access the Internet on it too, should the mood grab you. Then again, maybe you don't need to know :o)

suzanne - That's exactly what it is! A baby laptop :o) I was so glad to get the tree thing out of the way - even if no-one likes the red lights much!

debs - They're really worth it in my opinion - I've got the one with the least gigabytes or whatever you call them, so not cripplingly expensive - a lot less than a laptop anyway!

helenmh - I don't think I could get away with not having a tree up! Molly occasionally knocks things flying when she wags her tail in the vicinity :o)

bernadette - Glad I'm not the only ANTM fan :o))

fiona - Had to laugh at the "step away from the window" comment :o))

I can honestly say I've never been chased by a lady of the night - not that I fancy it particularly!
Pat Posner said…
I hope Mr Laptop is happy in his new home.
Welcome, Acer. I hope you're happy in your new home, too. You do know you'll be made to work very hard!

The tree looks great and congrats on your award.
Jan Jones said…
Oh, very cute. And well done on the T-word. I'm off to the Christmas tree farm tomorrow...
Loving the Netbook and the tree. Congrats on the award.
You look very regal Mrs Clarkey. This Netbook thingy looks soooo small. Does thy need a magnify glass to read the screen? Has thy sold the old desk along with lap top? Third question, does thy have chocolate tree decorations on the new fancy tree?

BTW congrats on the award, much deserved Tommox
Lane said…
I have teeny tiny envy:-)

And shiny hair envy, you glossy minx:-)

I hope you cleared your novel off Old Mr Laptop or the new owner will have an early Christmas present. Having read it, he will send it out and be instantly published.

oh I have tree envy too. Very elegant!
SpiralSkies said…
Ooh, a Netbook sounds just the toy for being creatively mobile.

You've filled me with need, you terrible minx. Ooh, have just noticed that Lane called you a minx too. A double minx with gadgets and flossy, swooshy hair. Crumbs.
JJ said…
Oooh lovely photo and I'm a teensy bit jealous about the diddy pc too.

V glad you like your award ...
Leigh said…
No, you're obviously not ninety. You look about nineteen in that photo... must get a netbook, eh?
Anna said…
lovely!! both you and your new netbook... :)))

have a most happy time writing, and most certainly, don't forget the cake!
Calistro said…
Ooooh I want a diddy laptop like that. What's the typing like? Can you touch type without your fingers slipping off the keys or hitting adjacent keys by mistake?
Gosh that looks like the very fellow for me that Acer! Probably too late now to casually mention it for thsi years prezzie list - bummer! Happy times dear girl, happy times.
wordtryst said…
Don't know what a Netbook is but it looks so cute! I got a new laptop a few months ago and was so excited, because it's, you know, PORTABLE!

Hell no, it isn't, I've discovered - and I got the backaches to prove it.

Congrats on the award, and since I'm still ignoring Christmas I won't even look at your tree.
Tam said…
We have those at work and they are darling little things :-)
I'd say 'A bit like you, really,' but it would be too cheesy for words.
Kerry said…
I want one!! Seriously I am full on green eyed Monnie right wonder you look so bloomin chuffed!
Cait O'Connor said…
Great photo Karen. I don't know what a netbook is and it looks a bit small for my eyesight. I agree it's handy though.
Congrats on the award.
The tree looks great.
Jane Smith said…
Matt Curran swears by his Acer, and my friendly local-computer-shop man likes them a lot too.

Meanwhile, I can sympathise with you about the cold feet: our house is draughty and part-derelict and we have stone floors through the ground floor which are perpetually icy. I also have Reynaud's disease, which intensifies the cold.

Last week I went to John Lewis and bought myself a pair of Just Sheepskin's Albery Booties--the most wonderful sheepskin slippers that look like short Ugg Boots. They cost me £50 but they're wonderful, and are going to last me for years. I wear them without socks, and fold the cuff up so that I'm extra-warm. I love them. They were worth every penny. And my feet are, miraculously, warm now.

Happy Christmas!
Fionnuala said…
Karen, I love that dinky do laptop. I want one! But as there is nothing wrong with my laptop, I cant have one. Having two laptops would be greedy. WOuldn't it?!x
KAREN said…
patp - Acer's working very hard indeed - practially steaming :o)

jan jones - I still haven't got used to the red lights :o(

gonna be a writer - The Netbook is almost diddy enough to hang on the tree!

tommo - Tiny laptop is just right for balancing anywhere really :o) Sadly I haven't got choccies on the tree as Molly-dog would have scoffed them by now. By Molly-dog, I mean me :o)

lane - Sadly, the shiny hair is down to fortunate lighting - it's much more straw-like in Real Life :o( I DID clear the novel off Laptop - didn't want the new owner mocking me...

sprial skies - I rather like being thought of as minxy - even if I'm not really :o) Netbook is shinier than my hair.

leigh - Ooh, thank you. You can be by new best friend :o)

jj - I do keep staring at it lovingly - v. sad :o)

anna - I could NEVER forget cake...impossible :o))

calistro - It's a surprisingly decent-sized keyboard for such a diddy gadget - I've managed really well :o)

mob - Never too late to drop hints! Maybe for your birthday??

wordtryst - Netbook is MUCH more portable than Laptop - much lighter too. AND the battery lasts longer :o)

tam - Cheesy's good, bring it on :o))

kerry - Well Christmas is nearly upon us - maybe you could treat yourself?!

cait o'connor - It is rather small, but I use a large font which helps!

jane smith - Thanks for dropping by! My neice has Reynaud's disease and I'm going to point in the direction of those John Lewis booties, they sound perfect :o)

fionnuala - A lady writer can't have too many laptops. Or you could trade yours in like I did... :o)
bfs said…
I don't know if I could go that small! Our so did and just loves it. Can you type as fast? I have enough trouble with a laptop! But I suppose one could get used to it, even I!

Oh ~ and Great Award! Congrats!!
Jumbly Girl said…
Just a quick late comment to say - woohoo I've just got a netbook too! And now I've finally worked out how to activate my trial version of Word and have had my first sat in a cafe wi-fi surfing session I can honestly say I'm in love. All this magic and it fits in my handbag too. What more could a woman want. Hope you are still loving yours

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