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Bugger off all Ye Faithful

I thought I'd put the Christmas tree up today, as I had the house to myself for an hour, then remembered I chucked it away last year in a fit of resentment. It was an artificial one (I'm allergic to real ones) so there was nothing remotely wrong with it. I simply couldn't be bothered to stuff it back into its box (which mysteriously shrinks every year) and cart it all the way up to the Cupboard of Crap in our bedroom. I know, I know I'm awful and wasteful. I like to think it was rescued en route to the dump, and is now resplendent and twinkling in someone else's living room. Sorry little tree.

Anyway, unable to face buying a new one in person I ordered something online (it looked like a Christmas tree, so fingers crossed) and thought I'd work on my latest chapter instead. Trouble was, Christmas thoughts kept barging in on Writing ones like unwanted guests. No sooner had I got to grips with a tricky paragraph than in they came; taking their coats off, flicking the kettle on and making pertinent comments like,

"Weren't you supposed to track down that perfume your Mum used to wear in 1970?" and "Don't forget to order a Torchwood calendar for your nephew," and "remember you have to post your niece's present off, and you haven't bought it yet." Even more chilling were the words, "there're only seventeen days left until Christmas, you know."

Seventeen days?? Jeez-Louise. The only writing I should be doing is, "To Your Lot - Happy Christmas, from Our Lot xxx" except I haven't bought my cards yet.

Must be upbeat though. My daughter said to me yesterday, "For god's sake Mum, stop putting a big, fat dampener on Christmas. I'm trying to look forward to it."

I wouldn't mind, but she's nearly twenty.


Also, received this lovely award from the feisty BFS at Boomer Baby Bliss for which I'm most 'umbly grateful. Only thing is, I think it's spelt wrong ;o) Might have to build a virtual shelf for them all now (she bragged unattractively).


Anna said…
yeah, why is that kids in their late teens and those 20 (my eldest just hit that magic number) seem to want all the trappings... good grief, don't they know we're trying to WRITE!!

happy Christmas, btw.... :)))
I have to say that I can't be arsed with it all this year and yet I usually love it all. Know how you feel. But have a good one anyway.
Suzanne said…
Yikes - 17 days. It creeps up on me every year.
Debs said…
I only seem to remember the presents I was intending to get after Christmas is over, and that includes the ones I wanted for myself.

Hope the new tree is lovely.
Dumdad said…
I haven't bought my Christmas cards yet either! And they're crap in France anyway but no cheaper.
Jan Jones said…
Seventeen days? Seventeen days???

PS - My daughter is also nearly 20 - which I cannot believe - and I'm just waiting for the first innocent query about when I'm going to buy the tree
womagwriter said…
17 days?!!! I bet I've missed the last posting date to New Zealand. Again.
Lane said…
There must be a bit of a pre- Christmas grump fest around because this is the first year that I've really felt a bit bleurgh about the whole thing.

Would be quite happy to hibernate with a good book and a tin of Quality Street. And a bottle of sherry:-)

Hope you track down that 70's perfume. Sounds intriguing!
bfs said…
I FINALLY picked up a few things this weekend. Of course, no tree up, no festive lights outside, no Christmas trimmings...all that awaits.

I'm not going to panic!
SpiralSkies said…
Oddly, I'm the opposite of my usual grumpy self and have bought not one but TWO massive Christmas trees, one of which is twinkling in the conservatory as I type. Of course, sending £101 to Crocus means there's no money left for anything else which is a result if you ask me.

Ho ho ho. Not.
JJ said…
Oh dear. I don't want to stop writing and go and buy presents. I'm tempted to give the kids some money ... Can't do that you miserable old humbug.

All my cards this year will be virtual ones - can't be bothered with the expense of buying them, then posting them ... blah blah. Actually, I'm not sure cards have made it out since we've been in Thailand...
Jumbly Girl said…
Torchwood calendar for nephew - brilliant idea! Thank you I was really stumped. (Just hope there are some left in shops)

Hope your new tree sparkles for you
KAREN said…
anna - Exactly! I keep saying 'wait until you have a family of your own, then you'll understand!' Bah humbug. Er, Merry Xmas to you too though :o))

mob - I do feel like that this year, but I'm not sure why. Been a bit of a weird one, since they all finished school to be honest. Maybe when the tree's up I'll be more In the Mood!

suzanne - I know, I say this every year'd think I'd be a bit more prepared after all this time!!

debs - Yes, my mum asked me what I would like and I'd thought of something a couple of months ago, but can't for the life of me remember what it was!

dumdad - I wonder why they're crap in France? Maybe we can ship you some over :o)

jan jones - The boys don't seem too bothered this year, but my daughter's definitely on my case! I can't believe how old they are either - makes me realise I must be knocking on a bit now :o)

womagwriter - Uh-oh! It's probably fine. They do put those dates up to frighten us - don't they?

lane - Hibernating with food and drink (probably hot chocolate for me!) sounds perfect :o) With Molly curled up beside me. Sigh...

The perfume's called "Cachet by Prince Matchabelli" would you believe?! Managed to find some at a charming online shop called Cheap Smells. Don't tell my mum.

bfs - Well, at least I'm not the only one :o) I can feel the panic building though...

spiralskies - Ooh, get you :o) My trip to York practically wiped me out financially, maybe that's why I'm in a grump. Should have booked a ticket three years in advance instead of paying through the nose (as painful as it sounds.) Tut.

jj - Actually that's a good excuse. Maybe I can blame a regional postal strike or something?? Most of my shopping will be done online despite Daughter begging me to go shopping with her - I can't bear it!!

jumbly girl - They didn't have one in the shops actually :oO but I got one online from The Calendar Club :o)
bfs said…
OH!!! You blessed me with not one but FOUR delightful comments! And I had thought of the name "Stewart" or "Stuart" yesterday, with nickname of Stu....guess we'll just have to see what they do with all the fantastic suggestions!!! Also thought of "Duke" (for Duke of Fife), but they already have a "Luke"....might be confusing. Har Har!
Cait O'Connor said…
I am a fellow Scrooge Karen, worry not, you are not alone.
(I don't send cards either).
Kerry said…
Karen am quite traumatised by your story of the little christmas tree at the dump.....and you always look so lovely and smiley on your blog who would have guessed you were capable of xmascide ;)
Honeysuckle said…
Time to tap into your daughter's enthusiasm and send her to struggle among the hordes, searching for the Torchwood calendar and the 70s perfume?

I love Christmas. But then, I'm pretty grumpy for the rest of the year so I'm allowed to be happy for two days in December.
Lily Sheehan said…
lol Cupboard of Crap. I have one too!! Congrats on the award. Room for another one?? Ive left one for you at mine!!
Humbug. Is it Easter yet! Chocolate eggs, lovely :) Tommox
Henry the Dog said…
Mum did all her shopping when she went back to the UK two weeks ago and left all the presents there with Uncle Hugh's old mum. Now, back in France, she has nothing else to do and no tricky family situations to negotiate. She's one happy bunny, but she can empathise with you in a big way. She used to see Christmas as a huge hurdle to get over at the end of every year.
Lily Sheehan said…
I have another award for you. You already have it but thought you deserved it again!
JJ said…
Karen, I think you might already have it, but there's an award over at mine for you.
Leigh said…
Ha! The trouble with Christmas is that it only comes once a year. If Christmas came every month, we'd soon get bored with all the glitz, and the whole thing would be put back into perspective...non?

To cheer you up, there's an award for you over at mine. x
KAREN said…
bfs - Duke or Luke - now that would be confusing! Hope they've found something suitable now :o)

cait o' connor - I'm a BIT more in the mood now - I've been bullied into it!

kerry - I do feel very guilty, I must say. While I was getting the rest of the stuff out yesterday I found its legs, so even if someone did take it home it probably won't stand up properly!!

honeysuckle - I'm slowly getting into the swing of it now, but as for persuading daughter...she's still six years old when it comes to Christmas and wants me to create the magic!

Lily & JJ - Thanks for the lovely awards ladies :o))

tommo - I'm not grumpy about Christmas any more, honest! Ooh, Easter. Chocolate...mmmmm :o)

Henry the Dog - Sounds like Mum's very organised! I must admit it wouldn't be Christmas in our house without a last minute panic :o)

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