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Wood and Scribbles

Fancy a house made of books? Me neither, although this bed looks rather nice. The rest of the rooms look a little bit creepy to me. I'm not sure what I'd like a house to be made of, apart from the obvious. I'd say cake, but it wouldn't last long. I'd be homeless in less than a week and fat and nauseous to boot.

Fur? Ours practically is at the moment, what with all the rodent activity going on in the walls. I swear I can see them moving in a certain light. (shudders)

Lego? I'd be forever building extensions. Could be useful though. Obviously the children are never going to be able to afford to move out, so at least we'd be able to knock up something at the bottom of the garden in double-quick time. Waterproof too, I'd imagine.


What's this got to do with the price of fish? I hear thee ask.

Er, nothing. In fact, I feel guilty accepting this award from the delightful Dumdad on t'other side of Paris, after such drivel. But I'm going to anyway. The law says I have to pass it on to seven more so without further ado...


Lorna F

Jumbly Girl





I could go on. You're all superior scribblers to me :o)


JJ said…
Congratulations on the award. You do deserve it!

I quite like the bed, but yes, all books? Uhm, no. Creepy; you're right.

What about bricks? Did you think of that? That might work.
Lane said…
Maybe I could fix my leaking roof with books. Or lego. Or a rodent. Got to be worth a try:-)

Thank you muchly for the scribbly award:-)
Suzanne said…
Thank you so much. That's made my day.

Happy birthday to your boys.

Pat Posner said…
Ooh, nice award, Karen.

As for your rodents: We were over-run with field mice last winter. Wires, clothes, food, you name it - it got nibbled (and as for the droppings; let's not go there).
I bought one of those plug-ins things: 'Pestkit duo' from Easylife.
I was very dubious - thought it might be a con - but it's the best £50 I've ever spent and it's still working.
KAREN said…
jj- Bricks? Pah! They're so last year dahling :o)

lane - Ooh, a leaky roof is nearly as bad as having rodents. I'm happy to parcel them up and send them over, if that's any help?

suzanne - You're very welcome, and thank-you. Still can't believe they're 17 and much, much bigger than me. Actually that's not difficult seeing as I'm only 5' 2 1/2" !

patp - Do you know, we're so desperate I think we might try the rodent plug again. It didn't have much effect last time, but that's when we were trying to get rid of the glis-glis, which are notoriously resistant to ALL our efforts! It might work on the mice :o)
Debs said…
Congratulations on your award, it's well deserved.

A house made out of cake, yum, but I don't need any encouragement to eat more.
Fionnuala said…
Karen, I'm almost afraid to read your blog at the moment because of the word.....rodent.....I so hate rats and mice and all things rodenty with tails on. Have you had the rodent killer thingy people in yet? I know to ssome that might appear cruel but for me its that or moving out...Ugh! Fx
Oh, what about a Hansel and Gretal house? I'll send my cats over to help you out with the rodent problem. Have you tried cheese? Thank you soooo very much for my award m'dear. Tommox
Pat Posner said…
Was your plug-in the advanced one? One sort just works in the one room you have it in and just moves the 'r-word' to another room.
The other sort clears them out of the whole house, like this blurb:
The more advanced Pestxit Duo not only uses this latest ultrasound technology, but also incorporates contemporary electromagnetic technology, protecting your home up to 5000 sq.ft. Utilising the buildings wiring, this unit works by sending wave vibrations effectively through the walls directly to where the pests and larvae nest.
HelenMH said…
I love the bed. I would be so happy sleeping there. re the rats - would you like to borrow my cats? You should see what they've done to the toy mice I bought for them.
Amanda said…
Congratulations on the award - so deserved. :-))
Jean said…
You certainly deserve the award. You do a great blog. And thank you so much for passing it to me.
Lorna F said…
Definitely the house of creep - books are books, not breeze blocks. I'm so sorry that the rodent problem is still going on. We're all shuddering in sympathy. I knew someone once who bought a lovely cottage in Wiltshire and experienced a plague of spiders (if you've ever seen 'Arachnophobia' and the battalions of the beasties marching down the walls, you'll get the picture). She was waking up at night to find them crawling over her face. I'm just telling you this to distract you, you understand! Thanks so much for passing on the award to me - it's perked up my day no end. My first bloggy award! Yay! :-)
Lorna F said…
Er, Karen, me again. In dumb-cluck mode again - can you tell me how to get the award you've so kindly passed on to appear on my blog (desperate to show it off, you see)? Lorna x
Tam said…
Well done on the award; less sure about the bed...
bfs said…
Greetings! I've left an award for you at my blog. Please come visit!!
Jean said…
Er, Karen, dare I admit it? I still don't know how to get the award from your blog to mine, despite the instructions you kindly referred me to on my blog. What do I type in the box for the URL to show the location of the image?

I was delighted to see that Lorna doesn't know how to do it either. (Not 'delighted' in a gloaty way Lorna, I must hasten to add. It's just that I thought EVERYONE could do it except me).
Honeysuckle said…
Oh, you've still got the rats! You're being very brave. If you're poisoning them they'll all be in their death throes by tomorrow probably - works pretty quickly, doesn't it?
KAREN said…
debs - Me neither, to be honest!! Maybe if it was coffee cake - I don't like that :o)

fionnuala - Hopefully I won't be mentioning them any more - activity seems to have all but stopped over the last day or so :o))

tommo - A Hansel and Gretel house - wasn't that made out of gingerbread?? Yum. Apparently rodents prefer chocolate to cheese...mind you, so do I!

ernest - :o))

patp - Things seem to have died (excuse the pun) down now, but I'm making a note of that Pestxit Duo just in case. Our old one was a bog-standard one from the diy shop and didn't seem to help, but yours sounds just the job :o)

helenmh - Bless 'em! Wonder what they'd be like with the real thing :o))

amanda - Aw - thank you :o)) If you'd still been blogging I'd have passed one your way!

jean - You're most welcome, and the only way to get the award on your blog is to copy and paste the image to your desktop or into a document, then upload it into the blog post as an image - just like uploading a photo. Hope that helps!!

lorna f - Glad I'm not the only one who found it creepy! As for the spiders...yuk!! That's even worse than mice - I think.

As for the award - see above for uploading. Hope it works :o))

tam - I'm not sure about the bed either - I s'pose when you're in it it wouldn't matter!

bfs - Ooh, you are naughty! I'll be right over...

honeysuckly - Please don't mention death throes!! Sounds horrid, but sadly that's the route we've had to take :o(
Jumbly Girl said…
Thanks for the award Karen - very chuffed. Not sure about the bed, although looking at my own bedroom at the moment the permanent book piles do seem to be turning into items of furniture
KAREN said…
jumbly girl - Yes my pile of TBR books could double as a bedside table :o))

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