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Earnings envy? Moi?

Huzzah! I've sold another story to Take a Break for their January Fiction Feast, which means that 2008 has been my most productive writing year, EVAH. (Tried to do a complicted, gangsta type finger flick there, but it didn't work and hurt quite a lot.)

We're not talking retirement-fund earnings, but I did consider a small, cake-based celebration...

Until I saw this....

Hmmm. Quite a long way to go then. Good job I write for love not money I suppose... (stifled sob.)


Ratwatch update - No sightings today, so fingers (and toes) crossed. I'm still as jumpy as a frog on a pogo-stick though.


Hooray! I am the first to comment on your blog, and a personal first for me. Now I'm going to post this before someone else does and then my more reflective comment ...
... which is to say that JK Rowling may make more money than you Karen, but you have better facial symmetry which is much more important.

Oh, and BTW, very well done you!
KAREN said…
ernest - That made me laugh.

I'm so glad you noticed the facial symmetry though - absolutely crucial in a writer :o))
I'm still as jumpy as a frog on a pogo-stick though. LOL.

Being full of hot air as I am - I was going to offer to come over and do my Pied Piper impersonation to sort out your rat dilemma.

BTW congratulations :) Tommox
Pat Posner said…
It's such a shame mice and rats are, well, mice and rats. We use a plug-in thingie to keep the field mice out of the house but had to put stuff down for the rats who lived in the garden wall and popped out every so often to eat the bird seed. Poor rats!

Big congrats on another sale.
Kerry said…
Yay for your story sale Karen!! I think you are certainly on a roll :)
Lane said…
Congratulations on another sale!

2008 may be calling for cake based celebrations but who knows what your 2009 celebrations will be:-)
HelenMH said…
Give it time Karen, give it time. Do you think John Grisham looks at the people higher on the list and thinks, 'Why've I only got 13 million then?'
bfs said…
Congrats on your sale! I think you are inspiring me to try and write again? It's been a long while since I submitted a thing. I'm excited for you -- and feeling rather privileged to know a true blue author!!! :-)
laurie said…
congratulations! congratulations!
what a wonderful feeling that must be!
JJ said…
Brilliant news ... NO, not Your story news. That's marvellous.
Honeysuckle said…
Forget JKR et al. A regular income from Norah would be just as nice. Congrats on the sale!
Debs said…
Congratulations, that's great.

I hope the rat has departed and moved somewhere else.
Alis said…
Great news, Karen - you must be well chuffed! Those finger-flicks - ooohh wish I could, too. My younger son can do them, as he would say himself, like a bitch.
On a different subject, the trouble with those 'rich writer' lists is that it makes people who don't write think that anybody who does is printing money. Hah. (That was a hollow laugh, by the way..)
Thinking of you in your rat situation after our cats brought one in from the garden the other day to play with... the finger-flicker and I had to chase it out of the front door in the end!
Dumdad said…

Roll on 2009 and you'll leave JK and the others way behind. You read it here first!
Fionnuala said…
Wow Karen! Well done you! (I'm not really here...I'm supposed to be nanoing....)
You must be thrilled at selling another story, I long for the day that I earn 50p from writing! Fx
Lily Sheehan said…
We had the same problem in our place a few years ago. I found a rat in my hamster cage and my hamster was never the same after that. I dont know what happened in that cage!
The were all gone within a week. It was the finding the dead ones in the bathroom and the airing cupboard that wasn't too pleasant.
Anna said…
many congrats! hee hee...

bigger and better things coming in '09, I'm sure!
Lorna F said…
Many congratulations, Karen - what a great start to 2009 that will be! Lorna xx
Ah sure you are a talented old thing you. Well done and what a nice warm feeling to gointo the festive season with.
Amanda said…
Oooh, Karen - How fab - you are such a clever girlie.
Jan Jones said…
Well done, Karen! Onward and upward.
Annieye said…
You are a brilliant writer Karen - your rat story was a masterpiece. Congrats on your success with Take a Break. Cheers (raises imaginary toast to Karen Clarke, the next person on the mega millions list)
French Fancy said…
Hello - I reckoned if you are a blog that Henry the Dog follows then you've got to be good. And he's right - you are.

Congrats about another story sold - 'little by little the bird makes its nest'
(only it sounds better in French)
Suzanne said…
Congratulations on the sale. Can't wait to read it.
KAREN said…
tommo - The Pied Piper! That's who I need - where the heck is he when you need him??

patp - We did try some of those plug-in thingies, but I swear it enticed them in!

Thanks Kerry - you too :o))

lane - Thank you! Mind you, I'll always find a reason to celebrate something with cake :o)

helenmh - I hadn't thought of that! Maybe he does :o)

bfs - Thanks so much, and you should definitely go for it :o)

laurie - It really is! I have Molly to thank as well as I get most of my ideas out walking her :o)
KAREN said…
jj - JKR pah! Who needs all that money anyway ? Oh...

honeysuckle - It would be nice! With all the competition I'm bound to fall out of favour so I'd better make the most of it :o)

Debs - I think Ratty has departed, but there was a mouse in the drawer in the kitchen yesterday morning...aaaarrrggghhh!

alis - I'd better leave the finger-flicking to the young things! I know what you mean about those writer lists. Hopefully anyone who's already writing beacause they love writing knows not to take them seriously (don't they??) :o)

dumdad - I s'pose a girl can dream. This girl is a bit more realistic, sadly!

fionnuala - Well, you should be earning a lot more than 50p! You appear to have thrice the talent that I do, as do all of you lovely lot :o)

lily - A rat in the hamster's cage?!?!? That's going to give me nightmares!! We haven't found any dead ones yet, but I suppose it's only a matter of time :oO

anna - Thanks - for you too I hope :o)

lorna f - Thank you - it's a good a way as any to start a new year I guess :o)

mob - I'd really rather you hadn't mentioned the festive season so early in the year...what? It's NOVEMBER?? (faints)

amanda - You're too kind - I'm in good company mind you :o))

jan jones - My motto exactly :o)

annieye - Thanks for the toast - here's to a successful 09 for you too :o)

french fancy - Lovely to meet you, and it sounds rather nice in English too :o)

suzanne - Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to reading it myself, which is a bit sad!
Wordtryst said…
Ooh, congrats, Karen! Onward and upward! Keep that momentum in '09 and who knows? We'll be hearing great things yet...
Edward said…
Interestingly, for me at least, there was only one author in that list who I would read (initials JE). The rest turn out potboilers and dreck by the yard - heck, even JE does. So fret ye not!
KAREN said…
wordtryst - well, you never know! It would be nice :o)

edward - Hmmm, I've only read JE from that list too. Surely that means something??

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