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Lovely Booky-book

I received my copy of Della Galton's How to Write and Sell Short Stories in the post today. I was very excited. I love new books. Especially ones containing Knowledge.

Actually, I was lucky enough to sell another story to Take a Break this week, so at first I shouted, "Pah! Advice? Moi? What was I THINKing?. Ay'm a fully- fledged short story writer now, donchya know? Children! Peel me some more grapes!" (As if)

Then I got over myself, and had a flip through. I'll sit down and read it properly over the weekend, but I can see already that it's jam-packed with tips, wisdom, advice and inspiration from one of the most prolific short story writers in the UK, and is a great tool to have in your writing belt (ooh, hark at me. Haven't a clue what I'm on about.) Highly recommended.

More importantly, it looks pretty. And SMELLS great! Does anyone else sniff new books like an addict? No?

O-kay. Neither do I...


Amanda said…
Yes of course I sniff books. I like catalogues the best! x
L-Plate Author said…
Yep, me too Karen, they just smell so nice.

Love the cover on that book, and because I've always wanted to crack short stories (but don't get time to write them because I can't crack them if that makes sense) I think I'll get that too. It's been years since I've tried, maybe I should have another shot!

Congrats on selling another one too! x
Books that accidentley get dropped into the bubble bath smell lovely.

Congrats on selling another story. Excellent. Tommox
Dumdad said…
Sniff books? I've done time for it.

Congrats on selling another story. Soon, we'll only be able to send you comments through your agent....
Honeysuckle said…
Congratulations on the sale!

Must get a copy of that book...
Debs said…
Well done on the sale, clever you.

I certainly do smell books and looking at your post, I think I'll have another one to breathe in.

I need all the help I can get with my short story writing and Della Galton is definately a brilliant short story writer.
Leigh said…
Thank you, for posting this post. I'd been sitting here like a muppet waiting for my pre-ordered-from-Amazon copy to arrive (any day now). Having seen you'd got yours, I thought, 'where's mine, then'. Course, the muppetry part was that I hadn't actually ordered it, just added it to my wish list...

Am flaring my nostrils in anticipation of its arrival.
Lane said…
CONGRATULATIONS! Well done on your sale.

And yes I sniff books. Inhale deeply in fact. Doesn't everyone?:-)
womagwriter said…
Karen, I am SO jealous! I haven't got my copy yet - am waiting to buy one direct from the author, of course, and have it personally signed. Ner.

Can't wait to read it.
HelenMH said…
I must tootle off and get a copy of that as well. Thanks for the reminder x
Pat Posner said…
Congratulations on the sale!!

I love the smell of new books and of old books, too.

I'm ordering Della's book for my birthday present from Tessa B. The fact I've already had a dozen advance birthday' books doesn't count, right?
Lorna F said…
Congratulations on selling another story, Karen!

I'm a book sniffer too - and a book-stroker ...
JJ said…
Wow, another sale. Brilliant news.

Inhaling book smells? Yeah... course (but don't tell anyone)
Della G said…
oooh, how exciting, i haven't seen it yet and I wrote it! Thank you everyone. congrats on the sale, Karen, hope there's many more. I do hope my book is helpful and i couldn't have written it without all those lovely writers who gave me quotes and inspiration. so thanks to them too, especially to Kath, who tipped me off this comment was here.
happy writing to all
Jumbly Girl said…
hurrah and I have some Birthday money left (after squandering the rest on some luvvelry books and earrings and a vintage shiny blue nylon dress) - so i will get me a copy tomoz (sorry commenting after ingesting birthday fizz (burp))
Maddie Moon said…
Ooh yes, the book's definitely on my wish-list, but I don't do the sniffing thing. I've led a sheltered life.

Well done on the sale, yippee!
Mickmouse said…
I received a book a couple of weeks ago on Writing for Children and I have been buried in it periodically.
Nothing beats a new book delivery (except maybe when it is your own book....maybe one day)
Well done on selling another story, great job!!
hmmm. I feel we are about to go exponential.
Anna said…
many congrats on that sold story... :)))

get some big grapes, put them on the counter and see what happens...
Fionnuala said…
I thought that smelling of new books thingy was just me....
Tam said…
Well done, you clever little tinker :-)

I got my copy of Della's book on Saturday morning too. The rest of the day was a bit of a washout.
Cait O'Connor said…
Yes I sniff books too, it's great to meet a fellow addict.
Congrats on the story!
KAREN said…
amanda - Ooh yes catalogues are good, but I'm not so keen on sniffing OLD books :o)

l-plate author - Glad I'm not the only one! I'd stick to getting those novels of yours published young lady, that's where your talents lie methinks, although getting a short story published is definitely good for morale :o)

tommo - Drop a book in the bath??????? Unthinkable. Absolutely unthinkable! Pass my smelling salts...

dumdad - I had a feeling it was an arrestable offence. My agent will have to deal with all that bizz in future :o)

honeysuckle - Thank you! I've read the book now, and it's definitely worth a read.

debs - She's definitely a Master (or should that be Mistress) and it's stuffed with tips :o)

leigh - I somehow ended up ordering mine via Accent Press (the publishers) can't remember why, but I think that's why I got it early!

lane - Thank you :o) Inhaling deeply makes me dizzy, so I have to take little sniffles!

womagwriter - It's worth waiting for, and having read it properly I noticed a few familiar names in there ;o)

helenmh - I'e decided no short story writer should be without it :o)

patp - Thank you, and you should definitely add it to your birthday book list!

lorna f - Thanks, and yes I like to have a fondle too :o)

jj - Don't worry, no-one will hear it from me!

della g - Thank you for popping by, what a thrill - and thank god I only said nice things! How could I not though, it's Very Good :o) You should get yourself a copy...

jumbly girl - Definitely get yourself a copy, but no spilling fizz on it now :o)

maddie - You don't do the sniffing thing? I'm puzzled...try it. You won't be disappointed :o)

mickmouse - They are good for dipping in and out of! Getting a copy of your own book delivered - now that WOULD be exciting :o)

ernest - Not until I've had a nice cup of tea...

anna - I've a feeling they'll just get eaten - and not by me!

fionnuala - I think there's a secret club that no-one knows about :o)

tam - I know, I became very unsociable for the rest of the day as I sat reading it!

cait o'connor - I reckon there are more of us than I suspected - I wonder if there's a helpline??
Suzanne said…
You're so right - and, yes, have to admit to being a secret book sniffer.

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