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And the award goes to...

...ME! (and lots of other people.) Thank you lovely Debs in your cosy shed.

I was going to post something meaningful about the novel that won the Man Booker Prize and ask if anyone had read it/was planning to read it, or mention the fact that it's Blog Action Day (the subject this year is Poverty) but it's been covered beautifully on several other blogs, so I figured...I know. I'll talk about me. Don't all fall asleep at once.

The rules of the award state that the following questions must be answered in one word (they don't all have to be true do they?)

1. Where is your cell phone? Heaven
2. Where is your significant other? Wardrobe
3. Your hair color? Forgotten
4. Your mother? Camilla
5. Your father? Charles
6. Your favorite thing? Cake
7. Your dream last night? Incomprehensible
8. Your dream/goal? Immortality
9. The room you're in? Hot
10. Your hobby? Taxidermy
11. Your fear? Incontinence
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Outside
13. Where were you last night? Stringfellows
14. What you're not? Manly
15. One of your wish-list items? Clothes-horse
16. Where you grew up? Scarborough
17. The last thing you did? Breakdance
18. What are you wearing? Stilts
19. Your TV? Beloved
20. Your pets? Damp
21. Your computer? Busy
22. Your mood? Mischievous
23. Missing someone? Non
24. Your car? Filthy
25. Something you're not wearing? Spandex
26. Favorite store? Staples
27. Your summer? Sorry?
28. Love someone? Oui
29. Your favorite color? Strawberries
30. When is the last time you laughed? 1974
31. Last time you cried? 7.44am

Now the hard bit - I have to pass this on to (only) 5 other bloggers, who haven't already been tagged. I choose:-
Ernest - because he'll hate it (I do love your blog though)
Fionnuala - a fellow Lost-lover and talented flasher
Spiralskies - she makes me laff
Lily - 'cos she's lovely
Womagwriter - for having all the answers (well, most of them)
Tom Foolery - she's good with words AND pictures

I love you all though.


HelenMH said…
Glad to hear you're not wearing Spandex my dear! Thanks for making me laughx
Amanda said…
Congratulations on your award, Karen. :-) I do hope you get your clothes-horse! x
SpiralSkies said…
No 30 made me laugh - you are such a fibber!

We love you back, vay vay much.

Ta for the tag - I am going to do it. Oh yes I am.
Fionnuala said…
A laugh as always and thank you for the tag which I am going to say is an award. It is, isnt it?! x
Lane said…
I'm so glad you have a fear of incontinence because on stilts I fear the consequences may be disastrous.

say hi to Charles and Camilla for me:-)
Ahhh Clarkey, thanks m'dear. Get bucket/water/sponge and clean your car woman and let that man out of the wardrobe he might suffocate and what use would he be to you then? Tommox
Yvonne said…
Your answers are hillarious!
womagwriter said…
Oh thanks, missus! Won't be able to better your answers though!
i think this is a great list.

and i wanted to say - whirr back a few posts - my gran wanted to be a librarian. it never happened. life got in the way and her education was arrested early. i don't know if they needed special qualifications back then, to be allowed to wear the badge, but I'm sad she never got a crack at it. anybody whose interested in what others have to say thru the medium of words is bound to be an interesting person
Quillers said…
Brilliant answers, Karen!
KAREN said…
helenmh - I'm not even sure what Spandex is, but it can't be flattering!

amanda - Thanks m'dear! I really NEED a clothes-horse - a wooden one like my gran used to have.

spiralskies - I gave it away by saying your blog makes me laugh. Du'r!

fionnuala - It's most definitely an Award, and I should have made that clear :o))

lane - Lol! That's brought a very odd picture to mind. Not good, being related to royalty and all :o)

tommo - Clean the car?? I've never heard such nonsense!

yvonne - Why thank you kind lady :o) They're all true you know...

womagwriter - It's just that I sound so dull condensed into single words!

debs - He was rooted around for an ironed shirt, poor love. He should have known better!

reluctantmemsahib - Aw, thank you :o) I think you probably did need special qualifications back then. It does sadden me slightly that some of the staff nowadays don't even like reading!

quillers - I did get a bit silly I'm afraid :o)
Lily Sheehan said…
Thank you!!! You are of course lovely too :)
Annieye said…
Loved your answers - so witty!
Camilla and Charles - ha ha!!
KAREN said…
lily - Aw, thank you :o)

annieye - But it's true!
Leigh said…
So, are you saying that your significant other is the wardrobe, or is in the wardrobe?
karen - congratulations and how could you, you rotter (though a sweet and kind rotter quad meme). I am now impaled on the horns of a dilemma. And how could one follow someone as funny as you???

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