Friday, January 18, 2008

It's all about ME

Been tagged to do a MeMe by lovely Leigh and must say, it's rather enjoyable. Not to mention a good way to avoid mopping the floors...

What's the last thing you wrote?
A recipe for low-carb Rich Chocolate Brownies. This writing lark requires energy donchyaknow?

Was it any good?
It was accurate. They're bloody good.

What's the first thing you ever wrote that you still have?
A poem about unrequited love. The only sort I knew in those days.

Write poetry?
See above. Not much, since then though.

Angsty poetry?
See above. The first line was "An artist is painting a picture of you in my mind..." Need I say more??

Favourite genre of writing?
Romantic comedy. (I will not call it Chick-Lit...stamps foot.) I have a psychological thriller inside me, as well, which I may well release one day.

Most fun character you ever created?
The main character's mother-in-law, Pearl, in my first-ever novel. She was, frankly, bonkers and had all the best lines.

Most annoying character you ever created?
The main character of my second novel. I was Trying Too Hard, and she started getting on my wick.

Best plot you ever created?
All of them are unique in their own way, is the diplomatic answer, but I'm having fun with the current one.

Coolest plot twist you ever created?
The would-be novelist finally lands a publishing deal after years of hard work and mucking about. Oh alright a short story I submitted somewhere, the main character turns out not to be the baby's mother...

How often do you get writer's block?
It's not so much writer's block as procrastination-fever. When I come up against a brick wall, I tend to do something else instead of pushing through it.

Write fan fiction?

Do you type or write by hand?
Type. Almost forgotten how to write by hand, although I do scribble things in m'lovely notepads.

Do you save everything you write?
Mostly. There are things from years ago that I've chucked out in a rage, that I wish I'd kept, just to see how far I've come since then. (Probably not as far as I'd like...)

Do you ever go back to an old idea long after you abandoned it?
Oh yes. Like picking scabs. I always think, if I can just improve it...although I have finally given up on the first-ever novel now. Much as I loved writing it, and got encouraging feedback about it, it's dead in the water.

What's your favourite thing that you've written?
Apart from the first-ever novel, a short story about autism as a tribute to a dear friend.

What's everyone else's favourite story that you've written?
If you mean friends and family, they're polite about everything, so it's hard to know. Generally the stuff that makes them laugh.

Do you ever show people your work?
Not any more. Apart from people I don't know, very occasionally, for critique purposes. Friends and family can't be impartial.

Did you ever write a novel?
Ummm...let me see. (Rolls eyes.) YES.

Ever written romance or teen angsty drama?
Romance, yes. Teen, angsty drama no. Have enough of that going on at home thankyou.

What's your favourite setting for your characters?
Present-day, places I know usually. I love to read novels set in either World War 2 or the nineteenth century, but don't feel up to describing those kinds of settings convincingly myself...not yet anyway.

How many writing projects are you working on right now?
Current novel, occasional short story, this bloomin' lovely blogging lark, and weekly book review for local paper.

Do you want to write for a living?
Love to, but I'd still do it anyway. (Like I have a choice...!)

Have you ever won an award for your writing?
If there was an award for Trying-Quite-Hard, I'd probably win, but competition would be fierce. In other

Ever written something in script or play format?
Not since school.

What are your five favourite words?
At the moment..." LOST is back in February." Oh, okay...serendipity, marvellous, goodygumdrops, bootylicious and flapjack.

Do you ever write based on yourself?
I s'pose thoughts and opinions are based on my own, but not really. I'm far too boring.

What character have you created that most resembles yourself?
The main character of my first-ever novel. I think that's quite common. Now I've sicked her up, I can move on...

Where do you get ideas for your other characters?
They all have characteristics of people I know, or sometimes I just think 'this guy, her neighbour, he's good-looking but shy and doesn't know it,' and I visualise someone from film or tv who might be good at playing that part. (Colin Firth?? Who said Colin Firth? Not all my male characters are based on Colin Firth, you know...tut).

Do you ever write based on your dreams?
No. My dreams are ridiculous. It would result in me being locked away. I dream about writing, though. Often.

Do you favour happy endings, sad endings, or cliff-hangers?
I favour the happy ending. Too many sad ones in real life.

Have you ever written based on an artwork you've seen?
I've written a short story based on a photograph, of people round a bandstand in a park. (Don't ask).

Are you concerned with spelling and grammar as you write?
In life, generally. It bothers me. Not that I'm immune to the odd typo of course! (She says, backpeddalling like mad).

Ever write something entirely in chatspeak? (How r u?)
Never. Even sending texts I have to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Takes forever.

Entirely in L337?
Do you mean Leetspeak - a written argot used primarily on the Internet and which uses various combinations of alphanumerics to replace Latinate letters? (I love Wikipedia).

Was that question completely appalling and un-writer like?
Very. Numbers make my brain go mushy.

Does music help you write?
Only as background noise. Too loud and it's intrusive.

Quote something you've written. The first thing to pop into your mind.
12oz Plain chocolate
12oz Milk chocolate
6oz butter
3 large eggs lightly beaten.

Line 8" cake tin with parchment. Melt butter and most of chocolate in a bowl on top of a pan of boiling water. Stir in eggs, and some nuts if you like. Sprinkle with remaining chocolate (chopped). Bake at 180 degrees until just firm (20-30 mins).

With a glint in my eye, I'm going to tag l-plate author, tomfoolery, womagwriter and Mike (don't hate me) because I'm rather fascinated to read everyone else's little MeMe. I thank you.


Annieye said...

I loved this. You're so witty! I can identify with loads of things you say, but particularly about the text messaging. My kids laugh at me for putting in apostrophes and semi-colons!


Consider yourself tagged (if you haven't been already)! I always peek at your blog and would love to read your answers :)

FPDuck said...

Gah! I wasn't expecting a tag. Most people just smile, nod, and slowly walk away instead of asking me anything.

Ah well... I'll give it a go.


HelenMH said...

I love the sound of Pearl - bonkers people always get the best lines don't they!?

liz fenwick said...

Great meme. loved your answers and brownies sound divine :-)

SpiralSkies said...

Ah, yes, procrastination fever. Terribly debilitating, isn't it?

Am soooo glad you put that recipe at the end. Mmmmmm. Calorie-free too, yes? Oh. Bum.

Lane said...

Hmmm should have made those brownnies this morning instead of flat, brick like lemon cake:-(

Tom Foolery (TF) said...

Oh Clarkey!
What pray is all this malarkey!
To write about ME ME, we shall just have to see.

It might just be my fate to rise to the bait

Leigh said...

"Now I've sicked her up..."
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Annieye said...

BTW - going to try your recipe on Thurday morning (when have morning off). Actually I might have whole day off seeing as I am working next Sunday afternoon (Holocaust Memorial Day).

Moondreamer said...

This was really interesting, Karen, and very funny! I love the way you write.

And thank you for the yummy recipe!


Alis said...

Take heart, your 'Coolest plot twist..' happened to me. I'd been writing for twenty years when MNW said they'd like to publish Testament. Loved this MeMe meme - any chance I could see the short story on autism? I work with young people with an ASD so I have professional interest from two angles...

Maddie Moon said...

Great answers, Karen! Low-carb brownies? Well that's a great incentive to start a low-carb diet!

womagwriter said...

Thanks for the recipe and the tag! Sally tagged me too and I've done the meme. Long one, innit?


I must say, I've loved reading everyone else's answers as much as I enjoyed doing mine!

That flippin' brownie recipe is playing havoc with my waistline though... :)

alis - I'll email you the story if that's okay?


Lane - My baking is a bit hit and miss so, sadly, I'm no stranger to the brick-like lemon cake - or the frisbee-esque sponge cake...or the concrete cookie, for that matter. Mind you, at least it stops me eating them on those occasions ;)

Juliette M said...

Crikey the brownies sound good. I think I peaked culinary-wise with exploding banana bread and lemon couscous cake... ick!

Leetspeak is hilarious ;) I sometimes use it on my friends for ironic reasons. Otherwise, I am a grammar and spelling fascist!

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