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Summer Days

How the months fly by when you're having fun. Or when you're busy. I've been writing A LOT over the past few months - some exciting news may be on the way, she says cryptically - and in between have managed to squeeze in a summery visit from my mother, with associated days out; one at a grand manor house with beautiful gardens, as my mum doesn't have one of her own and loves photographing flowers.

I've also become a volunteer dog-walker at our local rescue centre, which is rewarding - though on my first walk with a patient and dogged (see what I did there?) little fellow called Hovis (from Romania) I managed to get lost, my sense of direction no better than it's ever been, resulting in a far longer walk than either of us had anticipated. I had visions of him sleeping soundly for the rest of the week, and hiding if he ever sees me again. Though he's hopefully found a new home now.

I was delighted to have a 'spine-tingling' short story published in The People's Friend this week, but the short stories are more or less on hold for the time being as I've a novel draft to write. And I've a visit to Devon with friends next week, then a short trip to Jersey with Lovely Husband in September. We've never been there, and are looking forward to exploring the island.

I hope you're all enjoying your summer, which seems to have started late in terms of the weather, but it's so beautifully sunny today I may slip my cardigan off ...


Sue Blackburn said…
You tease! ;-) Hope it's great news to come. My daugher, Katy, was a volunteer at an animal rescue centre and got a lot out of it.

LOVED your spine tingling short story in PF Karen - and you're mentioned on the front cover.

Summer has come here too. Gorgeous sunshine and lots of people. I love our seaside home in the summer when it comes to life (although I curse at the amount of traffic and can't get out of our driveway easily, but then we are on the main street!) I always feel like a holidaymaker but I have my own home comforts to hand. Best of both worlds.
But I also love it when they all go home and we have it back to ourselves again ;-)

Good luck with all your ventures :-) xx
Karen said…
I know what you mean about being pleased to have the house to yourself again, Sue :o) I'm so pleased you enjoyed my story, I expect to be reading lots of yours in PF very soon!
Hopefully there'll be writing news to announce soon, but I don't want to tempt Fate in the meantime ...
Amanda said…
Hovis looks so cute - and what a great name! Can't wait to hear your good news! :-)
Karen said…
I was tempted to bring him home with me, Mandy :o)
Wendy's Writing said…
Nice to see you back on the blog, Karen. Looking forward to hearing your news :)
Karen said…
Thank you, Wendy :o)
Teresa Ashby said…
What a lovely thing to do, Karen. I'm sure Hovis loved his extra long walk. He looks such a sweetie.

Looking forward to hearing your news :-)

Hope you have a lovely time in Devon and in Jersey - the summer has turned out beautiful after a wobbly start, long may it continue :-) xx
Karen said…
He really was lovely, Teresa, and didn't even flag when I got lost. The weather's looking lovely for next week, so fingers crossed :o)
Susie Vereker said…
Karen, Just found your kind comments on my blog!

Will wait for your news.
Karen said…
You're welcome, Susie, I started your book on holiday and am really enjoying it :o)

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