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I AM a Writer

Well, I've now left the library, a job I've held for a record twelve years, and - mostly - thoroughly enjoyed.

There have been a lot of changes over the past year. A new self-service system, that's not very user-friendly and drives staff and customers crackers. Then, cutbacks at management level, that filtered down to changes within our branch. I was working more hours, and starting to get rather grumpy. Or grumpier than usual, anyway.

There was a lot of tutting, mumbling, eye-rolling, and cardigan flouncing, and in the end I decided it was probably best to do the decent thing and hand in my badge. Actually, I really DID have to hand in my badge, and although my last day was sad, it was a relief too - to be free to focus on doing what I love most.

Not eating cake, thought that's definitely up there, but WRITING. More stories, more novels.

So, now there's nowhere to hide. When people ask me what I do for a living, and they do - especially at the hairdresser's; I never go to the same one, I'm fickle like that - I can no longer say 'library assistant', I'm going to have to say, 'I'm a Writer, hear me roar.' (Or something like that).

And when they utter the inevitable 'ooh, are you the next JK Rowling?' I shall try not to tut, or mumble and roll my eyes, or cardigan-flounce. Because, actually, that IS what I am.

And I have two brand new novels being released next month to prove it. Oh yes.

More of that coming soon . . .


Bernadette said…
Some of us don't need any proof. We know exactly what you are - and a very fine one too!

V. excited about the books and looking forward to hearing more soon.
womagwriter said…
Well done Karen! You've been a writer for ages of course, whether you admitted to it or not.

Can't wait to hear about the novels!
Teresa Ashby said…
Can't wait to read your new novels, Karen.
Very glad you'll be writing more :-) x
Amanda said…
So, so exciting, Karen! Can't wait to hear more!
Sue Blackburn said…
Looking forward so much to the new novels, Karen. Lovely that you'll have time now to do what you love best.

Yes - proclaim it to the world I AM A WRITER - and be proud, very proud :o) xx
It's great to hear your news, Karen - you'll have great fun (and success) being a full-time writer!
Guernsey Girl said…
Fantastic news, Karen. It's just what you deserve. Here's to authors...:)
Lindsay said…
While I think it's sad that your library job was undermined by the depersonalization of our libraries by councils who have no understanding of what libraries really are, I hope this will be a great step forward for you and your writing. You are a writer!
Rena George said…
Congratulations on becoming a full time write, Karen. Just think what you can do now.

Fran said…
I love new starts like this. Congratulations.
Say it loud and proud Karen - you've earned it.
Looking forward to reading your new novels. xx
Karen said…
That's very kind of you, Bernadette - thank you :o)

Thank you, womagwriter, I'm looking forward to revealing more details (still being finalised by publisher!)

Thank you so much, Teresa :o)

Thanks, Amanda - I'm excited!

I haven't had to say it out loud, yet, Sue - maybe I'll practise in front of the mirror first :o)

I hope so, Rosemary - it's what I love doing the most :o)

I'll drink to that, Guernsey Girl!

Thank you, Lindsey. It's fair to say that without all the changes, I'd never have thought about leaving.

Thank you, Rena. I just need to get better at motivating myself!

Thanks, Fran. I must make the most of it :o)

Thank you, Colette. It's been a long time coming!

Thanks, Suzanne. I just hope they don't disappoint :o)

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