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Spring has Sprung

Where in the name of sweet Moses is the time going?!  No sooner have I finished my Christmas dinner than it's almost Spring.  If Spring can be categorised by howling gales, pelting rain, and ice on the car windscreen of a morning.  It can in this country. There were two days of warmish sunshine over the weekend, but it was back to thermal underwear and stodgy food today.  Wearing the former and eating the latter, obviously.

What has been occurring in the writing world? I hear you cry.  Well, maybe there's a disinterested whisper at the back of the class. (What the hell are you talking about?- Ed)  On the short story front, I've had a pretty good run and sold a fair few so far this year. In fact I'm on a bit of a roll, with ideas flying in thick and fast - to the point where I'm not really focusing on my new novel at the moment.

I think it's partly because I'm waiting to meet my new editor at Constable & Robinson, and am hoping to have a word with her, as advised by my lovely agent, about which direction to take - fantasy, or non-fantasy twist.  I've had an idea for both possibilities and have started both, and I know I'll enjoy writing either, but feel like I need a nudge in one direction or t'other.

Having said that I'm panicking a little now, and am determined to get on with, well, one or t'other this very week.

In the meantime I've had a peek on the Constable & Robinson website and am excited to see that PUT A SPELL ON YOU is due to be released on July 3rd along with a revised edition of MY FUTURE HUSBAND.

Elsewhere, we've been getting used to the new self-service system at the library where I work, and let's just say it's been a lot more tiring than I would ever have imagined - and I don't even work there full-time.  It's not that user-friendly, everything takes twice as long, a lot of the older customers don't like it and *whisper* neither do I, and it'll ultimately lead to staff losing their jobs, but it's apparently progress, and there's nothing we can do about it. Still, at least it means the future of our library is safe... for now.

In the meantime, I'm hoping to post again sometime before next Christmas.


Teresa Ashby said…
That is so exciting, Karen and I know whatever direction you take, the end result will be well worth reading!

Boo to self service systems. I think we should boycott them. They always take longer and cost jobs. Much nicer to see a smiling face and have a bit of a chat than have some machine moaning at you that you're doing it all wrong (can you tell I don't get on with them?).

Daffs are my favourite flower - love the picture x
Wendy's Writing said…
Ah... You're back Karen (no relation) Clarke! You've had a busy busy first few months of the year - very exciting. Look forward to sharing more womag pages with you. Did I tell you someone thought you were my pseudonym... I wish!
Jane Jazz said…
We've lost the spring sunshine here too Karen, but your post has put a smile back on my face. Funny to think of you wearing 'stodgy food'... reminds me of Lady Gaga in her meat dress! JJ
Amanda said…
Ooh, SO exciting that 'Put a Spell on You' will be published on July 3rd! Can't wait to read it. :-)

DAB said…
Only 288 days to go until Christmas Day! Stodgy food rules in my book (every day of the year) :-) Yum! Yum!

Sue Blackburn said…
Good luck with all your projects. So pleased it's all happening for you.

So excited 'Put a Spell on You' will be out 3rd July. Can't wait to read it. :o) xx
Georgina Troy said…
I can't wait to read Put a Spell on You when it comes out!

I hate these self-service systems, they always seem to take longer than the original way of doing things. x
Karen said…
That's lovely, thank you, Teresa :o) I'm still not liking the self-service system, and although it's supposed to free us up to 'do other jobs' it certainly hasn't happened yet!

That's kind of funny Wendy, as surely I'd change my surname too?! You've no need to wish, by the way your lovely stories are selling like hot cakes :o)

That made me laugh, Jane :o) I think Lady Gaga beats me hands down when it comes to, er, creativity!

Thank you, Amanda - I hope you enjoy it ;o)

How DARE you mention the C word Tommo?? (Better than the G word, I suppose!) I must admit, I don't need an excuse to eat stodgy food...

Thank you so much, Sue :o) I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks, Georgina :o)
I must admit our self-service system isn't at all user friendly. I want the old way back!
Anonymous said…
Hi Karen, yes I know you've been on a roll as I've read some of them. Loved the lay by man. I felt sorry for him. Glad they got back together:)
Karen Clarke said…
Thank you so much, Susan Jane, how lovely that you enjoyed it :o)

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