Reality Check

The lovely Wendy Clarke (no relation!) from Wendy's Writing Now has kindly nominated me for the Reality Blog, which is nice.  It simply involves (and I am quite simple, so that's good) answering some questions and nominating more bloggers, so while I wait impatiently for this mini-heatwave we've been promised to arrive, here goes...

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

I would make rain only at night, and the sun shine all day every day.  I just feel better in the sun.  Oh God, that sounds selfish.  I'd eradicate war and famine.  Oh no, that's two things.  I'd make sugar a new super-food. (These questions are harder than I thought.)
If you could repeat an age, what would it be?

Thirty-seven.  Which I most definitely still am (in my head, at least.) 

What one thing really scares you?

Water.  I'm not even good with a shower or a bath.
If you could be someone else for the day, who would it be?

Pick any award-winning writer.  Or an actress with amazing long thick, shiny hair.  On a serious note, I'd like to be my friend's autistic daughter for a day, so I'd know how she's feeling and could help.

Is that all?  I was quite enjoying that.  Anyway, I would hereby like to nominate the marvellous...

Amanda Brittany at Writing Allsorts 

Look forward to reading your answers.  Because I'm nosy.


Amanda said…
Ooh, thank you kindly for the award, Karen. It will spur me on to update my sadly neglected blog, X
Aw thank you, Karen. :0) xx
Librarian said…
Interesting questions - and your answers were interesting, too :-)
Wendy's Writing said…
I'm with you with the thick shiny hair thing - but you'd need lots of water to wash your hair!
Enjoyed the fun answers, Karen - can't believe you don't like water, but it does explain why you want sunshine all day!
Karen said…
You're welcome Amanda and Suzanne - look forward to reading your answers :o)

Thanks, Librarian :o)

That's a very good point, Wendy! I can just about cope with bending my head over bath - as long as I don't get water on my face :o)

I even have recurring bad dreams about water, Rosemary, I swear I drowned in a previous life!
Anna May said…
Hello Karen,

off topic but I wanted to tell you that I am reading and loving 'My Future Husband'. Currently busy recommending it to all my booky friends.

Anna May x
Karen said…
That's so lovely, Anna May - thank you xx
Lydia said…
Thanks for the award,Karen. Might encourage me to actually write a blog - sadly bad at that lately but trying to keep up with it (honest!)x
Karen said…
Look forward to it, Lydia :o)
nellaal said…
off topic but I wanted to tell you that I am reading and loving 'My Future Husband'. Currently busy recommending it to all my booky friends.
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Karen said…
That's lovely, Nellaal, thanks for popping by :o)
I loved reading your answers! Interesting!

Mama J said…
Raining just at night would be amazing. We'd still get the rain we need but no more soggy school runs!
Jaxbee said…
Karen, I'm a fan of your blog, I hope you know, and so wanted to give you a little reward... but I see you're awash with awards at the moment (!) so if you'd rather wait to respond (or even not to bother, sniff) then that's obviously fine! See: