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Up and Down

I was rooting around my blog earlier, feeling nostalgic for the days when I used to be on here every week, and noticed in my 'popular posts' sidebar (there were some, honest) that this one has been perused a lot lately, which was celebrating my 100th post back in the halcyon days of 2008 when I was young, impossibly glamorous, and probably high on cake.

I checked it out, laughed at my own dry wit (what the hell happened to that?) and noticed with a gasp that there were 76 comments underneath.  SEVENTY-SIX??  Even in my heyday I wasn't THAT popular.  Had been people been steadily leaving comments over the last five years, then flouncing off in a huff when I didn't bother responding?

I checked it out immediately, wondering what nuggets of congratulatory wisdom had been left in my absence, and discovered that yes, indeed people HAD been leaving comments - anonymous people, selling sedatives and Viagra.  Which surely cancel each other out?  Oh, and painkillers - presumably for when you've nodded off on the job, slipped off the bed and whacked your head on the skirting board.


It put me in my place, anyway.

But I am going to try and blog more regularly (whether you like it or not) even though it's gone slightly out of fashion, like wearing a bowler hat.  Not that I ever have, but you get my drift.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to place an order for some Egyptian Tramadol - I'll let you know how I get on.


Wendy's Writing said…
I am not selling anything, I'm afraid just chuckling over your post. From your 'inaginary friend' Wendy!
Librarian said…
With 253 followers, you certainly have no reason for feeling anything less than popular :-)
Cally Taylor said…
Funnily enough I was trawling through my blog on a nostalgia trip yesterday. I miss the days when we'd all blog and comment and novel race and SAF. There was a lovely feeling of community. I guess that community now exists on Twitter instead!
Clare Wartnaby said…
Enjoyed your post, Karen - made me laugh!
This made me smile. I once had a similar thing happen to me with comments - very annoying.
Crystal Collier said…
LOL! Those spammers... --But I'm sure they weren't all spam comments. =)

Good luck with the consistency, and now I'm off to the Twitterverse where the real action is happening. (According to Cally.)

Bernadette said…
Gosh, that is a LOT of Viagra they're trying to sell you! Anything you want to tell us?

I do hope blogging doesn't go out of fashion or I'll have to sign up for that Facepage or tweeting thingy and I'm far too old for that.
Pat Posner said…
Funny post, Karen!
I miss the 'old days' when most of us wrote a blog entry every week.
FB and Twitter don't make up for that.

DAB said…
Aaah, I too miss those 2008 bloggy days, where fun and wit was the dish of the day :-) Yep, Clarkey, just like a juicy "horsemeat" burger! Seconds anyone? ;-)

Hmmm,is Twitter progrees in the field of communication? I do so wonder.

Amanda said…
Your post made me chuckle :-) I keep thinking I ought to blog more - and remember those days of blogging often very well. In fact, I think I once blogged three times in one day! x
Anonymous said…
Perhaps you should disallow anonymous comments (settings > posts and comments > who can comment).
Patsy said…
I once had a post which got over 3,000 hits in a day (usually I consider 150 as pretty good) I assume it was some kind of scam or spam attempt but never worked out exactly what was going on. My stats showed a couple of sites had generated a lot of traffic but I wasn't brave enough to click on them - not even the one that didn't mention 'weird porn' in the site name.
penandpaints said…
I hope blogging stays around a while longer! (me being behind the times and not on facebook or twitter)
And I quite like bowler hats :/
Mama J said…
Funny you should mention spammers. I've had squillions of them over the past week or so, at least 20 a day. If only they were selling anti-spammer spray...
The spammers have been out in force lately - I had to stop allowing anonymous comments! I think you're right about blogging not being quite as popular but I still like this form of connecting.
I used to post on my blog about three times a week, now I manage about one, but I still enjoy reading blog posts and always enjoy yours!
Sue Blackburn said…
Oh I so hope blogging continues, Karen. It's a lovely way for people to keep in touch. I'm not on Facebook or Twitter either!
Your blog really made me laugh and what better way to start the day!:o) xx
Lydia said…
This made me lol! I too am now an irregular blogger. What happened to the days when we were all at it every week? I guess we're now all messing about on FB. Still I mean to continue blogging too, albeit less regularly than before. x
Karen said…
I love my imaginary friends, Wendy!

That's nice to hear, Librarian :o)

I wish I could get more Twitterfied Cally - it feels like I'm gatecrashing someone's party!

Thanks, Clare :o)

I'm sure there's a way to turn them off Colette, I just haven't figured it out yet!

I'm much better with Facebook Crystal, it feels a bit less 'cliquey' than Twitter!

I feel too old for Twitter, Bernadette - maybe some Viagra would help?

You're right Pat, and I still prefer blogging though I don't do it as often!

Can't beat a bit of fun and wit, Tommo - with a dash of horsemeat thrown in!

Ooh yes, I've blogged more than once a day in the dim and distant past, Amanda! *Sighs nostalgically ...*

As simple as that, Captain Black! Thank you :o)

I think that was probably a wise choice, Patsy!

Me too, Penandpaints - though I'm not sure I've got the face for a bowler hat :o)

There's definitely a gap in the market for anti-spammer spray MammaJ - what a great idea! (Ooh that rhymed a bit).

Me too Rosemary, it's more intimate somehow. And I'm off to stop those anonymous comments now...

Thank Debs, I love yours too and hope you never give up!

That's lovely Sue, thank you :o) I can't imagine stopping, to be honest!

Glad you're planning to carry on, Lydia - though I do quite like Facebook now too :o)

Thanks, Anonymous!!
womagwriter said…
I liked the old blogging days, too, and still consider my bestest online buddies to be the ones I originally met via blogs. I'm on FB but have resisted Twitter so far.
Still trying to keep my blog going.
Jaxbee said…
Ah, my favourite pastime, reading through the comments thankfully whisked off, usually, but not always, to the place in the blogging sky for spam before any embarrassing airing. They are hysterical, do they really think we read them and rush off to purchase? Who are these people??
Great post, regardless of where they came from, a tally of 76 comments is much deserved :)
Wendy's Writing said…
Hi again, Karen - there's an award waiting for you over on my blog - just pop over for details
Derek said…
We suffered a slew o them at Strictly Writing, and had to change our settings to moderate comments. A shame all round, as it stops the immediacy of having your comment posted, but it saves us being inundated by viagra, a particular brand of boots, and a host of other pharmaceuticals.
Madeleine Sara said…
The pic on this post had me smiling from the start. Good to see you back here.
I've never had 76 comments, so take heart even though many more often visit my posts not all comment...
I've found my life is full of interruptions that take me away from blogging, when like you are was on regularly.
Congrats on your writing successes.

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