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Delicious Novelicious

If anyone fancies a read, I'm one of the finalists in the Novelicious Undiscovered 2012 competition.  I entered under the name of my alter-ego Chloe Kent, who's younger, prettier, funnier and nicer than me, and has much better hair.

I hate her.

Voting doesn't take place until June 5th, after all the entries have been posted and read, but if you'd like to leave a little comment I'd be ever so grateful, especially if it's a nice one.

Be gentle.  Chloe doesn't look good when she's been crying ...


Patsy said…
Congratulations - I'll take a look.
This comment has been removed by the author.
suzy doodling said…
Congratulations Karen, will go now and have a see.
Sue Blackburn said…
Been to look. Fantastic. Laughed out loud. Can't bear that I have to wait to read more of Claire's adventures. Everything crossed so finding it hard to type this!!
Good luck and Congratulations anyway :o) xx
Well done, Karen, and good luck - I thought I hadn't seen your name in the list! Will go and have a read.
Amanda said…
Good Luck, Karen! Have read it and LOVE it! XX
Pat Posner said…
I love it, too! Loadsa luck, Chloe/Karen!

Congrats Karen and good luck!!
Bernadette said…
Really enjoyed that!

Good luck with the voting.
Susie Vereker said…
You always make me smile, Karen. Sorry Chloe Kent is such a pain.
Talli Roland said…
Yay! Congrats, Karen. That's fabulous news!
Suzanne Jones said…
Tell Chloe I loved it - even if I do hate her for having lovely hair.


TF said…
Thougt I'l just pop by (sanding floorboards in the bedrooms at the moment. Oh what fun. Not!

I rather like the idea of an alter ego Ms Kent:-) I read your entry a few days back but for some reason was unable to leave a comment. Anyway just to say I like your words VERY much indeedy.

Keep up the good work Clarkey.

Tommo xx
wedding-time said…
i have to read this :)
Annieye said…
Many congratulations, Karen, and well-deserved. I'll pop over to Novelicious and take a look. Hope you are well. x
Clare Wartnaby said…
Just a note to say thanks so much for commenting on my entry to the competition, Karen. As you know, I really liked yours too! It's nice to feel we're all in it together!

smith rose said…
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