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Well I managed to get the hang of hula-hooping in the end. It involved buying a heavier one, which pervesely is easier to keep up (as it were.) Who says size doesn't matter?

So now I have a tiny 19" waist. Okay, I don't. Expending all that energy means I need a tasty treat afterwards, to keep my strength up. Obviously.

The writing's going well too I'm pleased to say. I've sold some stories, written some more, I've started sending Novel 2 out to agents in the hope of snaring a new one, and I'm ploughing on with Novel 3. The words are flooding out. I'm still not acheiving the kind of daily wordcount I KNOW I'm capable of, or would like to acheive (10,000 at least) but it's all going in the right direction.

It doesn't help when Real Life gets in the way. Our kitchen ceiling came down yesterday, thanks to a burst water pipe courtesy of the freezing weather we've been having. Luckily Lovely Daughter saw it dripping and we were able to move things out of the way and throw some towels down before the deluge. So it could have been worse.

And yes, I've thought of a story about it too!


Anonymous said…
Hi Karen, glad to see you back in bloggerland. Good luck with the novel writing, love that cartoon.
Debs Carr said…
I'm glad the writing is going so well.

I had burst pipe damage in a previous house and ended up being out of it for 3 months while ceilings etc were replaced. Hope yours is sorted soon.x
Good luck with the writing projects and with getting your ceiling sorted.
Amanda said…
Glad all your writing is going well :-)) and good luck getting your ceiling sorted! X
TF said…
Aaaah Clarkey, the sky be the limit with your writing m'dear unlike that blinkin' ceiling! Water, water everywhere. Bugger. I've got a flipping freezer that thinks it's a cooker. Overheating every couple of weeks. We're living out of packets and tins at the moment ;-)
Teresa Ashby said…
I don't know why but leaks in the house terrify me. I'm not at all scared of water in rivers and seas, but show me a drip on the ceiling and I turn into a quivering wreck!
Glad you've got a story out of it x
Diane Fordham said…
Hi Karen - sounds like your writing is going really well. That is fantastic. Had to smile when a story idea came out of that awful incident - what a trooper you are! Hugs. :-)
Great to hear how well you're writing is going. And yes, expending energy definitely needs a reward! Hope the roof gets fixed okay - love the cartoon.
Bernadette said…
Oh dear. You are having a rough time with housey things!

I've got a spare room if it ever gets too much xx
Cait O'Connor said…
Great to hear things are going well and that even the 'problems'are providing inspiration.
Sue Blackburn said…
Aah Karen - that's a sign of a true writer, inspiration out of everything. SO glad to hear the writing is going so well, but SO sorry to hear about the ceiling - do hope sorted soon. Love and hugs :o) xx
Oh dear... Nothing like plumbing issues to cause me to twitch. But if you have a plot forming, all's not bad.

Damp, but not bad... :)))
Lydia said…
Glad writing is going well. 10,000 words a day - are you actually human?! 1000 would be stratospheric for me. A few hundred would be much more like it! See, now you've depressed me no end; feeling inadequate now...LOL x
I am astounded by your 10K daily word goal. Wow!

Just to give you a little more about the raptors at the library event (which I highly recommend!), our event was co-hosted by the Audubon Society (I don't know if there's a version of that in the UK), and they had all kinds of other activities, in addition to the birds: build a pinecone bird feeder, make binoculars out of toilet paper tubes, make a field journal, and complete activities to get a free bird guide. It was lots of fun!
Librarian said…
Hello Karen, thanks for stopping by at my blog and commenting! I have just found your blog(s); is this the one you currently post on? Also, I have seen that one of your books is available for Kindle. My Kindle is still brand new and very empty, so I think your book will soon make its way to it :-)
Karen said…
Susan thank you, I must post more often though - I can't believe almost a month's gone by since this one!

Thanks Debs :o) Your burst pipe damage has put ours in perspective - it could have been so much worse.

Thank you Colette, the ceiling's as good as new now!

Good on both counts, Amanda :o))

Ooh we've been there Tommo, when we were having our new kitchen put in - lived off ready meals for nearly five months! Hope you've stopped overheating now.

Teresa, I was really scared because it was dripping through the lights and I was certain some sort of electrocution was going to occur. Luckily it didn't!

Ooh Diane you've just reminded me about the story idea I had which, I'd completely forgotten in the meantime :o)

The cartoon did make me smile Rosemary, and the ceiling's fixed now thank goodness!

I might have to take you up on that lovely offer, Bernadette - we're overrun with mice at the moment!

Thanks Sue - everything's sorted now thank goodness!

It's funny how part of my brain is always wondering if there's a story in a situation like that, Cait!

It could have been a lot worse, Anna, and at least I could still get in the kitchen to make a cuppa :o)

Lydia, that should have read 1000, not ten!! I was obviously traumatised by the burst pipe :o)

My fingers must have slipped on the keyboard, Alison, as I'm certainly not capable of bashing out 10,000 words a day! Wish I could though. The library activity sounds great - I think there'd be too many 'health and safety' issues to do something similar over here, unfortunately.

Hi Librarian, and welcome :o) This is the blog I post to, but not as often as I should. How lovely of you to download Tears and Laughter, I hope you enjoy it.
Deitrich said…
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Derek said…
Am I the only pedantic one to spot the spelling mistake in the cartoon? (Sound of tiptoeing away quietly...)
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