Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tears and Laughter

Tears and Laughter and Happy Ever After is the project I mysteriously referred to a while ago - a short story collection now available on Kindle at a very reasonable price. Hurray!  Not that you HAVE to buy it, but you'd be mad not to. Oh and I'm in it, by the way.

The paperback version will be out in time for Christmas - which is rather handy and I hope, if you do fancy a peek, that you find something to your liking.

All the contributors are members of the short story writing group I joined three years ago, and without it I'm certain I wouldn't have gone on to sell so many stories (*cough, seventy-five, cough*) and I'm very proud to be in such good company.

And now for the blurby bit ...

"Tears and Laughter and Happy Ever After" is a vibrant and varied collection of tales from writers who between them have had hundreds of short stories published in women’s magazines in the UK and around the world. Contributors have also won or been placed in dozens of competitions, published novels and written non-fiction for many UK magazines.

As the title suggests, the twenty-six stories encompass the heights of happiness, the depths of sadness, and every emotion in between. Within the pages are a housewife with a surprising secret, a beekeeper with a problem and an undertaker with something unusual on his mind. You’ll encounter angels, ghosts, aliens and other intriguing characters. And, in the end, may just find the path to happy ever after.

“This anthology has something for everyone. It’s a delight.
I only wish I was in it!”
Della Galton

“Like diving into a big box of Quality Street”
Kate Long


Suzanne Jones said...

Congratulations, Karen. I'm really looking forward to reading this.


Amanda said...

Congratulations, Karen X

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Looks great - well done to all who appear in it!

Anonymous said...

VERY well done Clarkey! :-))))))

Seventy-five! Blinkin' eck woman that be a lot of (wonderful) words. Take a break, 'ave a kit-kat! ;-)


Diane Fordham said...

How exciting. Well done and congratulations! x

Cait O'Connor said...

Good luck with the book Karen and very well done!

Sue Blackburn said...

Oh wow. Well done Karen. Can't wait to read this. xx

broken biro said...

'Like diving into a box of Quality Street'? I'm not going to end up covered in melted chocolate with a Chocolate Toffee Finger where the sun don't shine am I? (dammit - you jsut diverted me to Wikipedia's list of current and discontinued varieties...

broken biro said...

I certainly don't remember the Gooseberry Cream.

Anna Scott Graham said...

Wonderful! Looking forward to getting a print copy... :)))

Jen said...

I think it should be noted that TaLaHEA is far less fattening than jumping into a box of Quality Street... Can I be the purple one please? Sweet enough but a little bit nutty :0)

75! Really? Blimey. You're a writing wonder woman!

Anonymous said...

Well done Karen, that looks good. Ideal Christmas prezzie.

Susie Vereker said...

Congrats! Shall buy.

Ann said...

Congratulations Karen and how exciting. Not only the book but your writing group as well.

I will be checking it out too!

Deitrich said...

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