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Cake-free summer

Hello August - what the heck happened to July? I must have blinked and missed it.

I know it's summer because it rained, hailed and thundered yesterday, and then got dark quite early.

Also my mum's staying which she does every year, and oddly I manage to squeeze in quite a bit of writing while she's here as she likes a lie-in in the mornings, so I get out my net-book and type away in bed before she gets up. Maybe if she moved in permanently I'd be sure of doing some writing EVERY single morning.

They say it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit, but I'm still pretty bad at establishing a routine where writing's concerned - though I have managed to give up cake.

This is no mean feat, as I'm sure regular readers will know, and I have to confess it's all down to hypnotism. I don't mean I looked into someone's eyes while they were swinging a gold watch in front of me (do hypnotists still do that anywhere outside fiction anyway?) but rather I've been listening to a download recommended by a friend, of a reassuring chap called Trevor from who assures me every night before I go to sleep that I actually DON'T NEED cake at all. Unbelievable, I know.

Of course I despised him at first, wanted to punch him in fact, and even tried to argue with him, but slowly, surely his monotone words have dripped into my sub-conscious and I've found myself not even wanting to eat anything remotely sugary AT ALL. For a whole month now.

I'm highly suspicious and doubt it will last, but in the meantime my bottom has shrunk, I'm saving money (I used to eat a LOT of cake, especially those lovely ones in Costa - and I can type that now without drooling)and if I ever meet Trevor I might have to take him out for a coffee and say thank you.

 Just a coffee. I won't even look at the cakes ...


Ann said…
Okay...I want that tape. I have expanded this summer. My writing has been sporadic this summer and I am feeling very disappointed with myself, because as you said...where did July go or June for that matter. Good for you! Well done!
Patsy said…
I might be able to give up cake - but I'm sure I'd just eat more chocolate and biscuits and ice cream ...
Debs Carr said…
I need to find this Trevor chap and start listening to him. Well done you for giving up cake, I can't imagine managing such a feat.

It's been sunny here for the past week, but I've spent most of it editing. You can guarantee that as soon as I've finished the rain will come. Yes, in fact it's forecast for tomorrow!
joanne fox said…
It's so oppressively hot here that I am envious of your hail and thunder. Come on rain, lawns are desperate!

If your mum wants a change she could come and stay with me, then maybe I would get some writing done every morning! Or perhaps I need a Trevor to motivate me. I blame the heat.

Well done on beating the lure of cake!
Amanda said…
I believe in being hypnotised. Paul Mckenna worked for me! Well done on 'not eating cake' :-)
Mama J said…
Is there a tape that tells you not to eat crisps, biscuits, ice cream, chips, chocolate, sweets and giant full English breakfasts at the cafe around the corner from me?

If so, point me in the right direction :-D
Caroline said…
Giving up cake is good. Good for you. I've been on WW since the end of March and have managed to shift 30lbs of beef! No mean feat considering I LOVE chocolate so much that I could live on it and nothing else!
Jayne said…
Ooo - something that works! I might have to give this a try - have a serious addiction to sugar and it sends my moods skyrocketing and plunging - fed up of the rollercoaster! Well done for giving up cake. I have no idea how that could be even possible.
Denise said…
Maybe you could send your Mother around on a rotating schedule so we all get some writing done :-) Now, there's a potential money making venture!

Very well done on the cake. I did a similar thing with biscuits a few years ago and it takes some getting used to. I don't really eat cake, but have just bought the Hummingbird bakery book so might be needing one of those tapes soon...
Diane Fordham said…
Well done Karen! On giving up cake and writing. I have forbidden myself to have cake in the house. It's difficult though when I am in the shops..the temptation is so great, but when I arrive home with no cake in the bags I feel that sense of accomplishment, lol. Funny how those sweets have so much power!
Diane Fordham said…
Me again! I just read your story in That's Life - well done Karen! I usually pick the twists, but not in your story. :-)
Where is July, indeed?! I smiled when reading about your 'pre-mum' writing - funnily enough I do the same if we ever have anyone staying. Partly because I'm much more organised in those circumstances!

So impressed by your no-cake success. Have to say my weekly Costa coffee wouldn't be the same without the raspberry and almond slice (sorry, shouldn't have reminded you of cake!).
Olivia Ryan said…
Congratulations on giving up cake! I'm very impressed. I agree about July disappearing too, but let's hope August and September are going to provide our summer!
Cally said…
Oh my god is that the writers holy grail I see before me? A way NOT to have an ever expanding behind?! Now I've given up smoking sugar is my drug of choice when wrestling with a particularly tricky scene but my arse isn't thanking me for it. Must investigate...Thank you! *waddles off*
Congrats on both the writing and the cakeless lifestyle. Big hurrays to you!
Suzanne Jones said…
Well done, Karen. I don't like the sound of no cake, but my giant backside suggests it might be a good idea to investigate that download. Thank you for the link.

womagwriter said…
Ditto what Patsy said. Chocolate is my downfall. How DO you get past 3pm without a Twirl?
HelenMHunt said…
No cake? Sorry, my brain is not computing ...
Bernadette said…
No cake? No CAKE?

What kind of a madwoman are you?

Oh. A thin one. :)
broken biro said…
But that doesn't include when it's someone's birthday at work does it? There's no calories in FREE cakes and it would be rude not too.... oops, I hope I'm not 'reversing the polarity' here!!
Will look him up - not sure he'll fix cakes. crisps and drink all at the same time though!?
Talli Roland said…
No cake?!?! Gosh! Please let me know if it works. I'm getting writer's arse bigtime!
Jean said…
No more cake? Sod that! Let me be hypnotised into thinking I'm slim!
Amish Stories said…
Id like to invite you folks to come to Amish Stories for a recipe for "Famous Pennsylvania Dutch Sticky Cinnamon Buns" along with a book signing schedule for Amish fiction writer Wanda Brunstetter for Pennsylvania and Ohio as well as a contest to meet her. I hope everyone so far is having a great weekend. Thanks everyone. Richard from Amish Stories.
suzy doodling said…
Well done on that Karen, I'm trying to cut out cake, but I love chocolate mini rolls, and don't they seem to be smaller than they used to be? As you say, I don't really need them though.... Love your story in Take a break fiction feast. The one about the puppy as a surprise, only she was expecting a bigger surprise. Lovely, brought tears to my eyes. Great story.
Karen said…
ann - And now August is nearly over! Still no cake though - the tape is working :o)

patsy - I'm still sugar-free and not even bothered. I think I may have been replaced by a robot!

debs - Trevor's a genius. I think of him as a friend now :o)

joanne - Sadly it's still raining :o( Maybe I could arrange for my mother to visit you - you'd need to make lots of tea though!

amanda - I tried Paul once, but something about his voice made me laugh!

mama j - I sense a gap in the market there! Maybe I should have a word with Trevor :o)

caroline - 30lbs is blummin' brilliant, well done you! I've lost a stone and am happy with that, but am still listening to Trev just in case :o)

jayne - Me neither. I think you have to be in the right frame of mind to give it a go, though. My daughter tried it and is still regularly eating doughnuts!

denise - My mum would love that, as long as there was plenty of cups of tea on the go! I never thought I'd be able to see 'I don't eat cake', but here I am. (Mind you, ask me again in 6 months ...)

diana - Thank you for your lovely comments about my story :o))

There is so much temptation out there cake-wise, but I'm holding strong. Always much easier in summer though - I may need Trevor's help again come winter!

rosemary - Ah yes, those raspberry and almond slices :o) Maybe one day I'll be able treat myself without immediately wanting to eat 6 more!

olivia - August hasn't been great so far (pouring down as I type) so I'm pinning my hopes on September!

cally - Well I'm still off the sugar nearly 3 months later so definitely worth a try! Nothing wrong with a waddle in the right circumstances though ;o)

anna - And I thought the world would be a poorer place without cake :o) Having said that, I've started making my own 'healthy' version, but it doesn't have sugar in so isn't really cheating!

suzanne - I've started making my own 'healthy' version, without sugar but surprisingly tasty, so I suppose I can't quite visualise a completely cake-free world!

womagwriter - I honestly don't know how I've lasted this long without chocolate. Maybe the cold days of winter will bring back the craving!

helen - I know I'm not making much sense!

bernadette - Not thin, but hopefully healthier with a slightly smaller bum :o)

broken biro - Well it might do! Me and my mum have managed to give up all of those, with Trevor's help. The man deserves a medal :o)

talli - I think it helps if you're in the right frame of mind to give it a go! It's been nearly 3 months now and still no chocolate :o)

jean - That made me laugh! A much better idea :o))

amish stories - Thanks for popping by :o)

suzy - What a lovely thing to say - thank you :o) Really nice to know people do read the stories!

My son's addicted to mini-rolls but I've managed to resist so far!

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