Royal silliness

I've shamelessly pinched this idea from the lovely Sally Quilford - mainly as a distraction from the editing pit, and also as a nod to the upcoming royal nuptials.

"What's your royal wedding guest name? Start with either Lord or Lady. Your first name is one of your grandparents names. Your surname is the name of your first pet - double barrelled with the name of the street you grew up on."


Mine would be Lady Ethel Bomber-Coniston.  Which is plain ridiculous.  Bomber was a budgie by the way.  Not a fashionable pet these days.

I think you get the drift.


Debs Carr said…
Love this.

Mine would be Lady Muriel Cavalier-Peters
Suzanne Jones said…
Oh, what fun.

Mine would be:-
Lady Edith Snowy-Emlyn

Bernadette said…
Lady Marion Juno-Alexandra.

I think I'd have to have a perm if I were called that!
Teresa Ashby said…
What a hoot!

I'd be Lady Violet Zulu-Harbour
Dumdad said…
Lord Vernon Gaius-Highcroft.
Karen said…
Ha ha! All brilliant. Funny how each name conjures a different image :o)

Debs has a white poodle under her arm.

Suzanne you have very stiff white hair and a parasol.

Bernadette, very much an eighties- style perm in my head!

Teresa, you're dressed in exotic colours and wearing high-heeled boots.

Dumdad, I can practically see you from here twirling your handlebar moustache!
Great fun! Mine is Lady Catherine Prince-Brown.
Denise said…
Yours makes you sound like you had quite a role in the 2nd world war!

Mine is :

Lady Stella Toffee-Springfield
Julie Cohen said…
Lady Lillian Oscar-Franklin.

It's interesting that one finds one's porn star name in a very similar way. What does this say about the royal wedding?
Caroline said…
Funny! Mine would be Lady Evelyn Sheba-TallyHo. Caroline x
Jayne said…
Lady Nelly Mischief-Latymer.

I rather like the sound of her. I might put her in a story!
Kath said…
Mine would be Lady Clara Sandy-Green. My favourite is Lady Violet Zulu-Harbour. Sounds like a character in an Evelyn Waugh novel.
HelenMHunt said…
Chuckling at this. Hope you all enjoy yourselves on Friday and get a good seat in the Abbey!
It feels like a different person: Lady Gertrude Pepe-Sainfoin
Jenny Beattie said…
Oh no, I've got royal wedding guest name envy. Yours are all brilliant and mine's a bit rubbish.

Mine's Lady Mary Tinker-Maidstone. (The Maidstone's really rubbish...)
Ann said…
Mine would be:
Lady Teresa Shannon-Rosedale.
Anna May said…
Enjoying this so much, Karen.

Mine is Lady Nelly Scampy-Droop

Anna May x
Amanda said…
Lady Carrie Rusty-Trueman - posh or what? x
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Jumbly Girl said…
Great stuff! Think I'd be OK as Lady Peggy Topsy-Buccleuch. But not sure they'd let my husband Lord James Fred-West through the door! And as for our lovely daughter Lady Muriel Tangerine-Royd...
suzy doodling said…
These are brilliant Karen, love the new blog design. My Royal guest would be

Lady Una Lucky-Landywood.

I like the sound of Lady Nelly Scampy-Droop. We could have ourselves a real historical novel here with all these characters.
Laura said…
Oh - I love yours!
Mine's Lady June Tufty-Ladwell... eek!
Thanks for your comments over at ChickLitLove
Teresa Ashby said…
Dear Lady Ethel, I'd be delighted if you'd accept the Versatile Blog Award, luv Vi :-)
Karen said…
Why Teresa, one would be delighted to accept - how marvellous!

What fantastic 'royal' names, I've loved reading them all and laughed out loud, which means the whole family has had a look now.

Jumbly Girl, that would be definite no-no!!
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Laura said…
Hi Karen, for some reason I can't access your email details, but I wanted to let you know that you have won the signed copy of Talli Roland's book "The Hating Game" over at ChickLitLove. Drop me an email at l.bambrey at with your delivery address so I can send it through to you. Congrats!
Karen said…
How exciting, Laura thank you! I'm coming over right now ...