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An award and 7 things

Two lovely and talented lady-writers, Lydia and Teresa Ashby have gone a little bit mad and bestowed this handsome award upon me - which is nice.

The rules state I have to tell you 7 things about myself, but I've bored you all senseless in that department in previous posts, so instead I'll list 7 things that are on my desk that have nothing to do with writing.

1. A half-empty packet of digestive biscuits. Can't think who ate them, but it couldn't possibly have been me.

2. My lucky mascot, Quackers. My grandma knitted him years ago, and seeing him reminds me of her. (Not that she looked like that I hasten to add.)

3) A tube of effervescent (love that word) vitamin C tablets and a carton of cranberry juice, both my husband's. He's on a bit of a health kick. Unlike me.

4) A mangled, half-chewed biro I rescued from the dog, which she obviously mistook for a rat.

5) A silver sharpener I used earlier for my eyeliner pencil.

6) A copy of Grazia magazine. So I can plan my summer wardrobe dahlings.

7) A crumpled contact lens and a Penny Red stamp lying rather poignantly side by side. My husband's a collector of the latter and the first is the reason I can only see properly out of one eye at the moment.

Looking back at that list, I'm slightly ashamed and will be doing a spot of tidying forthwith.


Bernadette said…
Oh, please don't tidy. That just makes the rest of us look bad.

I think everything on my desk has at least a tenuous link to writing - even the calculator, as I need that to add up all the lovely cheques I keep getting. (Ooh my sides!)

Maybe not the dust, though.
joanne fox said…
Quackers is so sweet!

Those digestive biscuits do have a habit of mysteriously disappearing don't they? I think the culprit is the Writing Bug.
Fran said…
Blame all the biscuit eating on Quackers, I say.
Karen said…
bernadette - That made me laugh :o)) But now you've advised me not to tidy, I won't.

joanne - My gran was always knitting little toys, bless her. I've a bagful upstairs I can't bear to throw away!

fran - Of course it was him! He has put on a bit of weight now I think about it...
Teresa Ashby said…
Love it! Quackers is so cute - and I agree - no tidying up!
Debs Carr said…

I did wonder about the crumpled contact lens for a moment and am relieved it's the stamps your husband is collecting and not the lenses.

Quakers is cute.
Karen said…
teresa - It doesn't take much to put me off!

debs - Collecting contact lenses would definitley be sadder than collecting stamps!

anna - Thank you! He's a handsome little fellow :o)
Pat Posner said…
Great list, Karen.

I've got a few rescued chewed things from my two pups on my desk. Hmm, pups are now 2 years young and only chew when things fall into their mouth.
Madeleine said…
Congrats on the award.

Your desk sounds positively exotic! :O)
A tidy desk is a sign of a wasted life - and highly over rated (in my experience)
Suzanne Jones said…
Your desk already sounds a lot tidier than mine, Karen.

Love Quackers.

Karen said…
pat - Molly normally sticks to chewing socks, but can't resist the odd pen if it's on the floor (something else that needs tidying!)

madeleine - Thank you! I wouldn't say my desk is so much exotic as ... confused :o)

colette - I shall now blame you if it never gets tidied again!

suzanne - For a minute there I thought Quakers had written that post!! The dust has clearly gone to my brain ...
Suzanna Gilwen said…
I'm very impressed you haven't eaten the remaining biscuits. My tummy's rumbling just thinking about them.
Talli Roland said…
Quackers! I love it! So cute. :)
Lorna F said…
A well-deserved award, Karen. And I love Quackers! I want one!
Anna May said…
Don't worry about the desk, it's all about the state of your drawers......

Anna May x
Turtle Guy said…
Popped over from Anna's page...

Tidying is the theme to this weekend's posts at my place... I'm impressed with your candidness of disclosure! :)
Leigh said…
If your desk is anything like mine, I'm wondering how you chose which seven things to mention ;o)
Karen said…
suzanna - They're long gone now!

talli - He's very sweet :o)

lorna - I'd offer to knit one, but it's so long since I did any knitting I'm not sure I can remember how to!

anna may - And mine are pristine :o)

turtle guy - I shall pop over and have a look!

leigh - Ah yes, there were lots of things I left out and shall remain unmentioned!
Lydia said…
Don't tidy! How will you ever find anything? xx

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