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Statistically speaking

I've just discovered Blogger Stats on the design page, and had to stop writing (no really I DID) to have a good rummage around.

Quite illuminating - if you've nothing better to do. It tells you which of your posts has been looked at the most during a day, week, month or of all time and rather surprisingly my most popular post isn't about writing or anything remotely profound - not that I've written anything remotely profound.

It's this one called Turkey Fatigue, which has been viewed 3628 times to date, and is being viewed by 48 people at this very minute.

The magical Blogger Stats informs me that all these visits have been referred by people searching for turkey cartoons. But why? To my knowledge turkey is only ever relevant at Christmas and Thanksgiving - not on the 3rd of June. It makes no sense.

Second most popular post - understandably - is Cally Taylor and her Writing Highlights with 682 page views. Quite a lot less than the turkey I think you'll agree. I have absolutely no idea what this means.

In third place, with a paltry 86 views is Celebrity Morph, in which I turn myself into a male actor by means of some internet jiggery-pokery. I'm not doing a link, because thankfully it doesn't work any more, plus it shows I was clearly bonkers at the time and I'm much better now thanks.

All rather disturbing and proof that, as my dear old gran used to say, there's nowt so queer as folk.


Fran said…
One of my most popular is about stretched earlobes. It's amazing how many times people type 'stretched earlobes' into Google.
Karen said…
fran - What?? It almost makes you wish you'd never looked.
Bernadette said…
I think that turkey thing might be my fault, Karen. I just can't get enough of those cute wattles.
Lorna F said…
Fascinating, Karen! I must look into this - I'd really like to know what people are looking at most on literascribe.
Lorna F said…
I've added popular page views and total page view to my blog, but where do you find out how many people have viewed a specific post? Help, oh technologically superior one!
Lorna F said…
Ah, silly me - you look at the box called Stats. Duh ...
Karen said…
bernadette - There's probably a helpline somewhere :o)

lorna f - Well it took me a while, I read about it on someone else's blog and couldn't figure out where it was. Hope it's not too upsetting!
Amanda said…
Fascinating post, Karen. My third most popular post EVER is the one on novel rejection - which shows there's lots (as in two a week - my blog isn't that popular) of people out there suffering from this incurable condition!
Tom Foolery said…
The King of Turkeys passed away today... "Mr" Beautiful :( I wonder if the turkey stats will rise again TFx
Karen said…
amanda - Well your blog is very popular with me - so there! I guess people like to know they're not alone with the rejections :o)

tommo - Oh dear, I didn't know that :o( Maybe people will stop looking now out of respect?
Debs said…
How fascinating. I love the sound of this and will no doubt end up spending time mooching around.

Word verification: antic
Kat W said…
How bizarre. I think the lesson may be to never underestimate the power and appeal of a turkey. Lol.

I shall have to look at mine but am fearing my stats may be low & depressing compared to your impressive figures.

Right, I'm off to search for Turkey cartoons on google - like you do, Friday evening & all ;-)

Kat X
Karen said…
debs - Very suitable word veri! Happy mooching :o)

katw - Well the rest of the stats weren't that impressive. Who knows how bad they'd be if I hadn't written about turkey?!
Cally said…
Oooh I love me a new stats gizmo!

My most popular post (apparently 'of all time' is May to November this year!) is one that links to an online semi-colon quiz - boring!

Second favourite is 'my temporary house guest' when I looked after my sister's dog for a week!

Most popular search term is 'what makes a great novel'

Interesting stuff! Well, to me anyway!
One of my most popular posts is one I wrote for fun on how to beam someone up into a spaceship. :D

It's fascinating to find out those pageviews . . .
Jen said…
I'm only ever found by people seeking a naked Keith Chegwin. And folk wonder why I abandoned my blog... *Sigh*
Glynis said…
Lol. I dare not start looking at stats, I won't get anything done. Especially now I have read your post!
Rachael Harrie said…
LOL, it is intriguing, isn't it. I've got StatCounter on mine, which gives heaps of info as well. Trouble is, you get sucked into checking it all the time!!! :)

Madeleine said…
Well I wonder what the statistics are for winning a blog prize, because guess what? You're the winner of 'Gap Year for Grownups' so do email me your address so I can post it to you. madeleine.maddocks at
Karen said…
cally - At least your most popular search term is flattering. I don't want to be associated with turkeys!

the golden eagle - The mind boggles. I'm now imagining hundreds of people out there trying it!

jen - Ah yes, I'm sorry about that but there's something strangely sexy about old Keith ... okay, I'm kidding. No really, it wasn't me. It wasn't.

glynis - These things really are too distracting and I'm easily led!

rachel - Yes I've got one those, but luckily the novelty wore off after a while - I hope this one does too!

madeleine - Ooh, I say they're very low in this house! I'm thrilled and will be sending you my address forthwith :o)
Lane said…
So I went to have me a keyword check and it seems 'hot bitches' is still at the top, followed closed by 'big breaths' and 'big buns'.... I dread to think.
Interesting - I'm going to check mine out.
Karen said…
lane - Oh dear. I guess some searches are truly timeless ...

colette - Hope there's nothing too shocking!
Anonymous said…
Search engines do not care about content, only keywords.
Anonymous said…
Possibly the most amazing blog that I read all year vintage wedding!?!

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