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How Time Flies

Illustration by Kathy Hare

Is it really September? Tut. I turn my back for five minutes and another month flies by. I must be having masses of fun.

Still no UK book deal. Still no new kitchen either. It's getting there slowly, and am sure will be sparkly and lovely when it's finished. In the meantime I'm getting rather used to cooking spuds in a pan of bubbling water on a camping gas-ring in the living room, with the dog looking on in a rather confused fashion.

I've not given up on the UK book deal dream. I've just shelved it temporarily, otherwise I'd never get anything else done. I suppose my natural state is 'unpublished novelist' so it's relatively easy to slip back into that shiny, well-worn groove. The new novel is growing slowly and I've sold some more short stories, so it's all good.

I drove my Mum back up to Scarborough yesterday and discovered for the first time how brilliant talking books are for long journeys. Not on the way there obviously - I've got a talking Mum for that - but coming back the miles whizzed by without me noticing. In fact I was looking forward to getting stuck in traffic for once, but there wasn't any.

Obviously I was still aware I was driving, but part of my brain was so absorbed by Julie Myerson's The Lost Child that I wouldn't have been surprised if I'd ended up up in Wales.

I swore I'd never read that book after all the controversy about it when it came out, despite having read and enjoyed all her novels, but it was so painfully good that I'm glad I did in the end.

And anyway it wasn't reading it was listening, so it doesn't count.

Right September - bring it on.


Queenie said…
The publishing industry goes to sleep in summer so you're right not to give up hope. Frankfurt soon, that might yield dividends. Keep at 'em!
Ann said…
Sounds like a very pleasant way to pass away driving time.

I too am taken aback by the arrival of September. It seems to come around faster and faster each and every year.
Its just a matter of time before that UK deal comes along so keep your chin up.
HelenMHunt said…
I'm sure the book deal is just around the corner now that everyone is back at work.
Chris Stovell said…
Good luck with the UK deal - interesting to read your thoughts about the Myerson novel.
Anna said…
I remember that book and the hub-bub too. I may give it a look, with your glowing review.

Patience is such a virtue, sigh. Enjoy a cup of tea and know that very good things come to those who wait; kitchens, book deals... :)))
Madeleine said…
Very philosophical,love drawing too. Your 'unpublished novelist' title means it's only matter of time before you'll become promoted to'published novelist'.
Debs said…
I should think that UK publishing deal is on its way to you. Can't wait.

It's good to have a mum to chat to on long journeys.
Tom Foolery said…
Aaahhhh, long time no hear! Glad life is treating you well Clarkey. Won't be long now for that email to drop into your in box. PING! :) Tommox
Alis said…
But Karen, you're NOT an unpublished novelist - you're published (soon to be) in Germany! It's not your fault, or that of your novel, that everybody's being so cautious here at the moment.
Karen said…
queenie - I'd forgotten about Frankfurt, that's perked me up again!

ann - I don't know why I didn't think of it before as I make that trip a couple of times a year!

colette - Thanks for having faith, it honestly does help :o)

helenmhunt - I do hope so - I get the impression August is a bit of a washout in that depatment!

chris stovell - I originally thought it was unfair that she talked so frankly about her family's problems, but having read (or should I say heard) about them properly I now have every sympathy with her!

anna - It's really good and made me feel grateful we haven't (yet!) encountered any of the problems she has - heartbreaking really.

I can't wait to make a cup of tea in my new kitchen!

madeleine - Those drawings are gorgeous, she has a lovely website.

At least I'll be a 'published novelist' in Germany next year!

debs - Thanks for that, I do hope so! My mum can certainly chat, but it does make the journey quicker :o)

tommo - It's been a mad old month what with the lack of a kitchen. AARRGGHH!! Mind you, it's almost taken my mind off the lack of UK publishing deal!

alis - Very wise words, and much appreciated. And I am really looking forward to being published in Germany :o)
Suzanne Jones said…
I can't believe how quickly this year's flying by. Scary stuff.

Am keeping everything crossed you hear about a book deal soon.

Lorna F said…
Continuing to wish you good luck, Karen - it WILL happen! And Queenie's right - Frankfurt is imminent! xx
Ann said…
There is an award waiting for you at Inkpots n' Quills. Pop over and pick it up. :)
Amanda said…
Your kitchen and your novel WILL be published in the UK - no that's not right - but you know what I mean. xx
Lane said…
Queenie's right - summer is slow. I'm sure things will speed up soon. Glad you've been able to focus on more writing in the meantime and big congrats on your sales!
Kerry said…
Hi Karen,

You have built it - they will the meantime I thought you might find this blog post as hair raising post about editorial meetings interesting:

It actually is just a total bloody lottery it seems! x
Camilla said…
Just wanted to say I read your story in Fiction Feast this month and really enjoyed it.
Glynis said…
All good things come to those who wait. Gran's words not mine. Do they help? :)
Madeleine said…
Hi Karen You've been nominated for a Creative Blogger Award! Visit my blog for details. :O)
LilyS said…
I should try the talking books for when I want to read but my eyelids are heavy. Congrats on the short story sales and Im keeping my fingers crossed for the UK deal and the kitchen!
Karen said…
suzanne jones - It's nearly October now - soon be Christmas!

lorna f - Thanks for believing, I'm starting to think I dreamt the whole thing!

ann - Ooh how lovely, thank you for that :o)

amanda - Just getting the damn kitchen published would do for now!!

lane - Thank you, it does help having story sales - keeps the motivation boosted :o)

kerry - Oh God, that's very sobering reading!! You kind of suspect that's how it is but don't really want to believe it. Ah well, you've got to be in it to win it, as they say.

camilla - Thanks so much :o) I noticed you were a runner-up in one of the Writers' Forum competitions recently, so really well done on that - I've given up ever getting in there!

glynis - That's one of my favourite sayings - I just hope it's true!

madeleine - How lovely, I'm being spoiled! Thank you :o)

lilys - They're a really good idea I can highly recommend them, and thanks for the good wishes :o)

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