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(Im) patience

So Lovely Agent has finally submitted my novel to publishers. Excited? Moi? If you looked the word up in the dictionary you'd see my face grinning out at you in a rather alarming fashion. Being patient is the hard bit as she won't hear anything back for roughly 3 weeks. I may have to start biting my nails for the first time ever.

Or I could get on with the next novel. Hard to focus though, somehow.


A timely distraction came in the form of this Honesty award from the lovely Amanda at Writing Allsorts and the equally lovely Kat at Wright Story which requires me to tell you ten things about myself that you don't already know - and probably don't want to know, so here goes ...

1) I love Big Brother and don't care if you all despise me for it.
2) I DO care if you all despise me for it, so I won't mention the BB thing.
3) I like cooking but am actually not very good at it and often burn things.
4) My doctor informed me this week that my cholesterol is too high. Damn.
5) I can eat a whole cheesecake in one sitting. Which is probably why my cholesterol is too high. Damn.
6) Somebody once told me in a restaurant that I look like Julie Walters. I do not.
7) I once bluffed my way into a job by pretending I knew how to use their computer system. I'd never used a computer in my life.
8) I STILL haven't learnt how to play the guitar properly.
9) I can ride a unicycle while balancing a toaster on my head.
10) I've never seen The Wizard of Oz and have no desire to.

(One of the above is a fib.)

I think everyone has had this award now, but if you'd like to help yourself go ahead. I won't mind.


Joanne Fox said…
Here's hoping you hear good news from your agent. You can always fill in the time with practicing your unicycle.
Bernadette said…
I think number 1 is the fib!

With the nail biting, it's best to stop before you get to the knuckles. After that they don't grow back (so I'm told!)
Lots of luck, though I doubt you need it. Anyway, a la Cilla, I've already bought my hat.
You do wear hats to book launches, don't you?
Suzanne Jones said…
Biting my own nails for you, Karen. Hope it's a quick 3 weeks.

I love Coach Trip so I can't judge you for your Big Brother habit.

Talli Roland said…
Good luck with Lovely Agent and the submissions!

And Suzanne! I love Coach Trip, too! Brendan rocks. Glad I'm not the only one.
HelenMHunt said…
Fingers and everything else crossed that you hear good news soon.

(We love Brendan in this house too!)
Fran said…
Cheesecakes are meant to be eaten at one sitting. There is just no other way.
Lane said…
I hope the next three weeks just whizz by for you. And then we can start celebrating - oh yes.

In the meantime maybe you could expand your unicycle act. Would be great at the launch. Maybe books on your head?:-)

Everything crossed for you m'dear.
Chris Stovell said…
The waiting part is truly terrible! Apart from anything else it's had to type the next book with your fingers crossed. Good luck!
Olivia Ryan said…
Very exciting times,Karen! But yes, the waiting is always the worst part. It never gets easier - and you're right, you need to be working on the next novel, believe me, as the wait can sometimes go on ... and on ... and on ... (not wishing to discourage you - it might be a very quick YES PLEASE! in your case! Certainly hope so. x)

Of course there isn't a fib in your list! It's just creative thinking.
I don't need to tell you how hard I find it to wait for anything so you have my every sympathy. Keeping everything crossed.
Francine said…

Ha ha, join the Waiting Gang! Loads of us out here waiting on replies - publishers mostly!

Re Big Brother - How could you? Watched half of one episode way-back-when. Sort of guessed the participants would be two-halfpennies short of a sixpence to even consider the idea, and they didn't prove otherwise! As for Celebrity Big Brother, well, "desperate for attention" are the only words to describe those who've taken part.

Anyhoo, best of luck with sub! ;)
Anna said…
Will be waiting on pins and needles right along with you, so exciting!!

I think it's age (don't tell anyone I said that) as my blood pressure is a bit lofty, which makes me rather cross, slightly tired sigh to follow. But at least with the warmer temperatures my right index finger that at times feels rather arthritic seems unbothered. Small victories can't be ignored, like patience; good luck!!

And btw, I LOVE the new blog look!
Good luck :-)It's only a matter of time m'dear. Tommox
Lorna F said…
Wishing you the best of luck, Karen, not only for a publisher to snap up your novel for a huge fee but that they do their snapping swiftly, because waiting is so hard on the nerves. And some of the blighters do make you wait an incredibly long time ... We're all so looking forward to the Karen-opus in print! xxx
Kerry said…
Oooh! So exciting for you. My agent is sending mine out next week so I can completely identify with nail biting/excitement/not being able to work on anything else!! Will keep fingers crossed doubly! xx
Pat Posner said…
Fingers and toes crossed for you, Karen!

Susie Vereker said…
Good luck, Karen. Am sure you'll make it. Might be longer than 3 weeks, though, so get cracking with new nov!
Lydia said…
Good luck, my writing friend. Hope the response is all you could wish for and just remember if it isn't it's them that have the problem, not you!! I know it will be good news! x
Anna May said…
Oh how I sympathise.last year I was doing exactly what you are now - sweating it out on an offer. And today I am waiting for my editor's comments and rewrite suggestions.......the waiting never stops even when you have a book deal.
I am a BB addict fan, too. This year I am loving Ben and his Y fronts.
I hope you get wonderful news soon.
Anna May x
Amanda said…
Ooh, keep missing your posts, Karen! Sitting here with you biting my nails!

Great answers b.t.w.

KarenG said…
So funny! And they all sound like fibs. Hope you hear good news from your agent soon! So that you don't need to be TOO patient.
brokenbiro said…
How exciting! Maybe you've stumbled across a good way of making time pass more slowly so you can do more of the things you meant to do... I find time is slipping through my fingers alarmingly fast so maybe I should wish you 3 weeks at the speed mine are going!
LilyS said…
Leave those nails alone - the cheesecake would taste much nicer :-)

I have another timely distraction (award) for you over at my blog x
Glynis said…
Get onto writing the next novel! Eat cheescake and breath, remember to breath. Good luck! I can see your smile here in Cyprus. :)
Karen said…
joanne - That's a good idea. Sadly it's got a puncture at the moment ... :o)

bernadette - Of course it is. Nails are still intact but nerves are a little shredded. Keep the hat on ice for now!

suzanne - Ooh yes, I quite like Coach Trip too but don't tell anyone :o)

talli roland - Thank you, and no you're definitely not the only one. America's Next Top Model anyone ...?

helenmhunt - Thank you :o) (Looks like Brendan's got quite a following!)

fran - See, just the mention of cheesecake has got me wanting one but I'm being Very Good at the moment. Not a single unhealthy crumb has passed my lips for the last fortnight!

lane - Thank you :o) If I do get to that stage I may be too excited to unicylce - I wouldn't want to risk a nasty accident frankly!

chris stovell - That's a good point - and my fingers are still firmly crossed!

olivia ryan - Thank you for recognising my 'creativity' :o)

I'm already getting excited because the '3 weeks' is up on Wednesday, when realistically I KNOW it's probably going to take longer than that - I just can't help it!!

colette - It's torture, but I keep telling myself if it's good news at the end of it I don't mind. It doesn't help much!

francine - They say good things come to those who wait - let's hope it's true :o)

anna - I did try and blame my age, but sadly I think it's the sheer volume of rubbish I've been scoffing over the past few months! Eating healthily now and feeling better already. Thanks for the good wishes :o)

tommo - Thank you - I do hope so :o)
Karen said…
lorna f - I don't know about opus, but just seeing it in print would definitely be worth any amount of waiting! Within reason :o)

kerry - Ooh, so yours must be out there now! I'm thrilled for you and will be keeping my fingers doubly crossed too :o)

pat posner - Thank you :o)

susie vereker - I don't think I can cope with another 3 weeks waiting, but take the point that I might have to!

lydia - Thank you so much - I hope it is good news, but you just never know!

anna may - Oh yes, I'm still liking Ben and am glad he survived this week.

I'm going to pretend I didn't hear what you said about endless waiting in case I go mad! Hope your editor's been in touch now though, and good luck :o)

amanda - Thank you :o))

kareng - Still being patient! Ok, that's a fib too ... :o)

brokenbiro - It is funny how time can seem to run backwards sometimes - not often mind you! Actually the 3 weeks is up on Wednesday, but I've been warned it could take longer ...

lilys - I've never been a nail-biter really. Maybe if I was, and I'd left the cheesecake alone, my cholesterol wouldn't be so high!!

Thank you for the award, I shall pop over and collect it :o)

glynis - Thank you, how lovely :o) I'm still smiling, but it's a rather nervous one!

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