Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Away with the fairies

Over on Trashionista Anne Rice has declared that angels are set to be the new vampires, and the new trend in literature - good news for anyone currently writing about them.

It got me thinking whether there's anything that hasn't been big in fiction yet.

We've already had werewolves, vampires, ghosts, wizards, witches, zombies, mermaids, and all manner of mythical creatures. Oh, and humans. There can't be anywhere else to go, can there?

I rather like stories where common themes are explored from unusual or fantastical angles, providing they're made believable; the woman who's now a ghost trying to find love, the man who falls to earth and learns how to be human (Starman anyone?) The husband who comes back as a dog like the one in James Herbert's novel Fluke, and if they're funny even better.

Werewolves and zombies don't do it for me I'm afraid, but what about superpowers? I don't think they've been done before - in films yes, but not in women's novels. What about a woman who can make herself invisible, or warp reality, or change form or ... manipulate the weather (don't knock it. I'd love to be able to make it sunny every day!) Hmmm, food for thought ...

Anyway, if Angels are the new Vampires, I'd like to put in a shout for Fairies as the new Werewolves.

You read it here first, Anne.


Debs said...

I was always sure we had fairies at the bottom of our garden, but then I always had a vivid imagination too.


GNOMES! ;-) Tommox

Jan Jones said...

I know, I know - how about five sisters (yes, I know, too many characters) and their adventures trying to find love and tolerably well-off-ness. I grant you it doesn't sound much, but just think of the sequels you could generate.

Colette McCormick said...

Maybe a book with Angels and fairies is the way to go. I'd definately rather have a fairy than a werewolf.

Amanda said...

Oooh, superpower! I need another thread in my novel HA!

Anna said...

That sounds good to me. Not only do I NOT get the vampire rage, I recently completed a MS about some folks that could be termed angels.

My goodness, does that I mean I'm trendy? Oh my oh my... I need a cuppa!! :)))

SpiralSkies said...

How about some woodland nymphs? They don't get nearly enough airtime.

Or how about - and this is crazy fictional stuff - writer ladies who don't procrastinate?

Edward said...

It might not be a perfect fit, but the lead character in Scarlett Thomas's novel "The End of Mr Y" has some very strange powers. I would thoroughly recommend it.

womagwriter said...

Fairies - try Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell!

Like the idea of superpower women. Could try that first in the women's mags perhaps?

Lily Sheehan said...

How about a fairy with superpowers finds love with a werewolf? no? Just another spin on beauty and the beast really but without the powers and the ripped clothes

Fia said...

Did you see Paul O'Grady the other night talking about Bewitched? I remember writing to ITV or BBC and asking for them to put it on earlier as I wasn't allowed to stay up past 8pm. I was only twenty four after all:)

Where am I going with this?

Suzanne Jones said...

That takes me back, I adored James Herbert when I was a teenager.

Definitely time for fairies - much nicer than warewolves (although, I see to recall an early Torchwood episode where there were some pretty nasty fairies).


Colette McCormick said...

Just to let you know Karen that I was given an award that I had to pass on to someone whose blog I admire and I chose you.

KatW said...

"Fairies as the new Werewolves" - my daughter would love this trend you're starting. If you like fairies Aprilynne Pike's 'Wings' is good.

My novel has a sort of Angel in it (sort of angel is all I'm saying). Best get it tidied & submitted asap.


KatW said...

Oh and did I tell you about my super power? Well obviously I can't reveal too much but....let's say it involves chocolate. No, no, won't say anymore, I have my identity as a superhero to protect!

Tam said...

The bookseller round the corner from work told me he's sick to the back teeth of vampires and werewolves and the like. So there!

Karen said...

debs - I definitely believed in the tooth fairy for longer than I should have!

tommo - NO NO NO no no no nooooooooooo !!!! No.

jan jones - One could have super-powers, one could be an angel, one could be a fairy ... you get my drift. Sounds quite tempting actually!

colette - Me too. I'm not really into werewolves. Not that I've ever met one mind you!

amanda - Lol! Steady on missus ;o)

anna - Ooh it sounds like you're bang on trend! That definitely deserves a cuppa :o)

spiralskies - Ladies who don't procrastinate? What airy-fairy nonsense is this?? Now woodland nymphs I can believe in :o)

edward - Ooh that sounds interesting. I'll have to pop it onto my pile, as it were :o)

womagwriter - That's a good idea! I don't think that's been done before. Would Norah be ready for it though?!

lily sheehan - You could be onto something there! Maybe squeeze a vampire in as well?

fia - Ooh I remember Bewitched! We didn't have a telly growing up, but I used to watch it sometimes at my gran's. Not sure where I'm going with this actually ...

suzanne - Fluke was the only one of his books I could stomach! And those fairies were VERY nasty - gave me nightmares :oO

colette - Ooh that's so lovely, thank you very much - that made my day :o))

katw - I love the sound of a chocolatey super-power!! A "sort of angel" sounds intriguing too :o)

tam - Lol! They're not really my cup of tea at all, although strangely I am loving True Blood on C4 at the moment :oO

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