Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What I did today, instead of writing...

...apart from this, of course.

1. Jogged on spot for half an hour in front of TV, for intellectual stimulation and exercise.
2. Baked fairy cakes, for creativity.
3. Ate half of them, for energy. Baked some more for atonement.
4. Hoovered, for hygiene (paying particular attention to cobwebs, and dead flies on windowsill).
5. Walked Molly-dog, for more exercise and thinking time.
6. Put bright lip-stick outside my lip-line, for fun. Photographed myself from a distance, to see what I'd look like with implants (not good - think lovechild of Pete Burns and Hilda Ogden).
7. Took Teen Son to hospital with suspected broken ankle (okay that couldn't be avoided. It was just sprained, luckily).
8. Ate dinner, for sustenance.
9. Read newspaper and three magazines, for inspiration.
10. Watched television, for relaxation.
11. Went to bed, for sleep. (Well, I'm going in a minute).

What is with all this procrastinating? I know I'm not the only one. Bizarrely, I'm worse when I've hit on a good bit for my novel. It's as if I want to savour it, mull it over; marvel at my perspicacity and dry wit and generally delay getting it on-screen - because once that's done it means (cue dramatic music)...the love affair is over. (sob) It's time to move on.

What's your excuse?


kallioppe said...

To celebrate your 100 posts, I'm going back retrospectively to leave a comment. Your procrastination activities sound familiar. When I hit a good writing patch, do I keep going? Noooo. I stop writing and do something useful such as descale the kettle or folds socks. Surely the procrastination should occur if nothing good is on the page? I can't figure this out. Anyway, happy 100th and I hope you write many more.

womagwriter said...

I've procrastinated even starting a novel. So you're one up on me, anyway.

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